Gravity Control Idealism

Gravity Control Idealism attempts to understand the underlyiing dynamics of Universe, whereby it might be possible to control gravity and electromagnetism in a manner allowing for the needs of our planet.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Trapped in a Dynamic State

It would appear that we are trapped in the present moment, whereby the only aspect of Universe accessible to us corresponds to those conditions remaining relative to our planet Earth, in that planet Earth is our relative system of reference.
Despite the fact that all other systems remain relative to our Earth, they exist as either past or future conditions of those systems remaining relative to our Earth.
This causes a bit of a problem!
The present moment of every other system is beyond our reach. In other words we can't get there from here.
We are presently limited to past and future conditions relative to our present moment, which means we cannot contact a present condition other than our own.
We can employ linear based technology to get into space, but in doing so we remain within the confines of our Earth's field, in terms of a non-simultaneous condition of Universe remaining relative to our Earth.
We can access a historical aspect of our Moon, Sun and Mars etc. While we can access a future aspect of Jupiter and Saturn etc., but we cannot access the present of any other system without applying non-linear based technology allowing for instantaneous transformation, or time travel.
In this respect we must learn to traverse the simultaneous condition of Universe, whereby we are not hindered by either space or motion.
This might seem impossible, but it is hardly impossible. It is simply the only means by which to get from here to there in an efficient manner.
The existing avenue of access, restricted to linear based perceptions of space and motion, only allows us access to non-uniform conditions associated with all other systems of Universe. And in this respect we are subject to the radical effects of non-uniform potentials, which cause structural alterations on a molecular and cellular level.
Of course we can get to the moon and survive in the isolation of our space protective systems, but we dare not expose ourselves to direct contact with this foreign environment, as to do so would expose us to direct contact with non-uniform potentials, whereby such non-uniform potentials cause genetic deformities, cancerous anomalies and in the case of the moon, accelerated growth.
NASA will insist that this is not possible, but NASA is not telling the truth, as I was privy to the original test results which occurred during the Apollo Missions, which involved the testing of lunar geological samples to determine if they might produce any harmful effects or represent a hazard to the Earth's ecology.
The various plants and animals subjected to and injected with pulverized lunar material in solution with water suffered genetic deformities, cancerous anomalies and accelerated growth.
Sending robotic systems to our neighbor planets is all very fine, but they are restricted to past and or future conditions remaining relative to our Earth.
We are not robots, we are living organisms, consequently we would not survive as the robots do.
Extraterrestrial materials in the form of solids, liquids or gases exist beyond the relative limits of our existing environment, in relation to non-uniform conditions existing relative to the uniform condition of our field system.
Therefore we cannot utilize the raw resources of space without putting our health and safety at risk.
We are prisoners of our own relative condition.
Water existing on other planets or moons is not fit for our human consumption, as such water maintains a non-uniform relationship with our earthly environment.

If we want to explore space in a meaningful and productive manner we must develop new and more modern technology based on non-linear principles.

There is no excuse for our ignorance in this respect, as we have already performed numerous experiments which indicate clearly the certainty of our situation.

Space is not an option to our survival without the appropriate science and technology. To date the reality of our situation is denied on the basis of wishing to keep the population ignorant, whereby the population continues to fund outdated and useless technology, which promises free access to the resources of space.

Hocus pocus science and rockets is not the answer.

The only answer is non-linear science and technology based upon the principles of field dynamics.

It's time for a new dawn to be breaking.


At 12:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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