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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Crop Circle Dynamics

Crop Circles might not sound too exciting, in relation to new energy issues, but there is a hidden surprise in store for anyone who wants to follow my logic.

From the sampling and testing of crops and soils taken from crop circles in a variety of countries, including the United Kingdom, Canada, Holland and the United States of America, it has been suggested that crop circles could be the result of meteorite showers and or meteorite falls.

In the soil inside crop circles small spheres of pure magnetized iron have been discovered, which appear to have been molten during the formation of the circle, due to microwave heating.

Meteorites of varying sizes burn up in our atmosphere on a daily basis and shower our planet with tons of meteorite dust every year.

To understand what happens to a meteorite as it falls to earth requires doing a little reading and I suggest the first 7 chapters of the book Unity available at

There is an underlying force referred to as non-linear time field frequency acceleration, (ntffa), the underlying force of universe which sustains and perpetuates the dynamic form and function of all physical structure.

When a mass is in free fall, it accelerates toward the earth at a rate proportional to the underlying dynamic force focused to the center of the earth’s core.  As a consequence the energy of the field in which the mass is falling is increasing and as the mass falls its underlying energy decreases in proportion to the increase energy of the field in which it is falling.

But when you have a falling mass which is also burning up and disintegrating as it falls, the initial mass of the meteorite is decreasing whereby its underlying energy potential is increasing, in respect to an increase in the ratio of energy per unit of mass.

And this is where it gets interesting as instead of the falling masses underlying energy decreasing as it falls, it is actually increasing.

By the time the meteorite completely burns up each of the microscopic particles has a surplus energy potential relative to the field in which they have been falling.

And because most meteorites consist of iron, a relatively stable element, these microscopic particles of iron are forced to release some of thier excess energy in the form of plasma.  If they were not stable they would simply transform to another state, in the form of a lighter element.  And it may be that some elements contained in meteorites do transform to a lighter state.

It is the underlying resonance of the elements contained in the meteorite fall which is transposed into the various designs of the crop circles, which is a subject unto itself.

The formation of crop circles is a very complex process, but the end result is that the microscopic particles of iron form into larger masses of iron, which are still very tiny masses in the form of perfect spheres.  And as they are magnetic they can be seen sticking to each other.

The energy of the plasma is pure energy, which is described in many cases as being roughly the size of a soft ball.  And as the plasma energy is focused to the center of the plasma sphere there is a factor of radiant resistance, which is capable of affecting the crop in the manner described, which is to bend the stalks of the crop and boil off the moisture from within.

The effects of this plasma are dependent on the origin of the meteorite causing the effects.  Of course they all come from space, but while some originate from relatively high energy sources, some do originate from relatively low energy sources, of which there is an abundance of both.

Meteorites originating from high energy sources have what appear to be beneficial effects, such as an increase in the rate of crop growth and an increase in the size and weight of crop kernels.

Meteorites originating from low energy sources affect a decrease in the rate of crop growth and a decrease in the size and weight of crop kernels.  In fact, in some cases these low energy source meteorites inhibit plant growth completely even after the field has been plowed, fertilized and reseeded and this effect can last for a period of two years.

In either case it must be noted that the underlying energy of the meteorites represents a non-uniform potential, in relation to a non-uniform differential in dynamic potential existing between the meteorite and the earth.

The importance of all this is that we do not need to use either fission or fusion reactors to produce power, as the controlled modulation of the underlying force is capable of providing all the power we could possibly use without depleting this new source of energy in any way whatsoever.

In fact the supply is limitless, as the underlying force is continuously accelerating and focused to the center of field.

It is possible to develop a prototype devise by which to test both the credibility and the efficiency of this radical innovation.  And if successful we would have solved our energy problem once and for all.

© 2007 David Barclay    


At 11:24 AM, Anonymous Marc said...

If crop circles were formed by meteorites falling from space and being physically altered such as to react to an underlying universal force, wouldn't all crop circles either look the same, or be completely random? They're definitely organized in a design, which tells me that they're not just products of falling material, unless, that is, the material is projected into our atmosphere so as to cause these patterns to appear through the process you described. Your words make sense. Your definition makes sense. The process you describe makes some sort of wacky sense. But logically, it's all too uniform to be random. A meteor shower, such as you describe, would cause an image to form that would be quite random, or, at the very least, circular, as all the particles in the area align to each other.

We can find answers to any problem we dream up. If we look hard enough, we can prove or disprove anything. Theories are made to things that don't make any kind of sense at all, even if it's all provable through formulas and experiments. I remember a while back, there was a report in France about how the Chihuahua was actually a relative of insects, rather than mammals. They had tests and everything to prove their point. Of course that's ridiculous. But you can prove anything if you try hard enough.

I'm all for forward thinking, abstract thinking, new and different approaches. God knows we need a fresh perspective in science. But lets not loose our objectivity. Lets not get so caught up in our own theories that we become closed minded again. That makes us no different from the "Conventional" scientists that still say certain things are impossible.

At 4:16 AM, Blogger David Barclay said...

No, not all crop circles would look the same, and of course they do not.

As meteorites burn up in the atmosphere not only do the fragments distort the field in which they exist, but the earth's field also distorts the field of the fragments.

This results in complex as well as fairly simple patterns forming via vlf resonance.

There is nothing random about any of this, although it may appear that way. It's a simple case of energy and energy differentials interacting in a dynamic manner, which is the basis of all physical structure.

If you were to read chapters 1 through 7 of the book Unity you might get a clearer picture of the situation.

Remember that all the sacred geometry of any civilization was first observed in nature and then adopted for a specific purpose.

At 1:59 PM, Anonymous Jonathan said...

Sorry for digging up a relatively old thread but I was looking for a relatively obscure reference to a circular number theory and found my self here... Suppose I should try and be more specific.

Regardless, I had a quick question regarding the topic.

If, as is assumed by the author, crop circles are (The possible)result of a Falling meteorite interacting dynamically with what would assuredly be a number of complex forces, would we not see the result of these interactions on a scale larger then simply crop circles?

Forgive me, because I am certainly no expert in the field of crop circle phenomena, but it seems that all I ever hear of crop circles are those done in fields of wheat.

I suppose it could be considered that the highly complex shapes manifested on a highly structured background such as a quadrilateral field of wheat (who's uniformity would be checked much more often then that of a random patch of ground) as opposed to a much more dynamic background (I.E. portions of the ground that would almost certainly be playing by common rules if you stretch back far enough... Or IN as it would be)

The result may suggest that it would be potentially harder to identify (Potentially MUCH harder) but wouldn't it also suggest that we should find the IMPACTED result of these falling meteorites in other structures that at the very least share many of the characteristics of say... Wheat. (Perhaps this is the case, then that would a positive sign for the authors Postulate [For lack of a better term.] If however the contrary is true, that would seem to me at least fairly damaging evidence)

Just curious then, because if we do see these results potentially Impacted into the earth... All sorts of interesting things could be derived by a more comprehensive examination.

Just my thoughts

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