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Friday, July 14, 2006

Missing Evidence

When the first lunar samples were returned to Earth a battery of tests were performed to determine if the material represented a threat to our terrestrial ecology.

As it turned out, the lunar material did not carry any extraterrestrial baggage in the form of bacteria and or virus, but some of the tests indicated that the lunar material produced some very peculiar effects.

In 71 I received a brochure from NASA in response to my interest in the moon rocks, as I had speculated that the lunar environment would produce accelerated growth in plants.

This brochure included text and photos of the tested plants, but is no longer listed in NASA's catalog.

The lunar material was pulverized to a fine powder and placed in solution with water.
This solution was then poured directly onto soil in which both corn and beans had been planted.

This resulted in accelerated growth, genetic deformities and cancerous growths.

At the time no one knew what to make of the situation as there was no explanation for these radical results.

It is important to note that the brochure specifically stated that the lunar material was not radioactive beyond normal background levels.

This same experiment was shown on public television during a special presentation authorized and or approved by NASA.

Now, years later there is no reference to this original testing or the radical effects that were so well documented. In fact NASA now clearly denies that any such radical effects occurred.

NASA Archives claim the lunar material affected accelerated growth in plants, but that no structural alterations or ill effects of any kind occurred.

Also, it has been noted that the Apollo astronauts inhaled lunar dust during their return trip to Earth, but suffered no ill effects other than a slight case of hay fever.

Something is wrong here, as the original test results indicated a lack of understanding concerning differences in the basic dynamics of those materials constituting the structure of individual planetary bodies.

Obviously this would indicate an element of danger, in relation to the health and safety of crew members, in attempting to establish a base on the moon or colonize another planetary body.

The mere fact that the Apollo astronauts suffered no ill effects from the ingestion of the lunar material, by means of inhalation, while a variety of plant and animal species did, demands some explanation, as it makes no sense whatsoever.

It was only decades after the fact that I discovered that the original test results have been deleted and are now denied to have occurred.

As I am not the only person to have viewed these original test results, but one of the few people to have maintained a continuing and lasting interest in this issue, it would appear that we have a serious problem.

Certainly NASA represents the authority figure in this situation and many other tests have been conducted since, where no adverse effects have been reported.

The question is why would NASA not only deny the original test results having occurred, but remove all material relating to these original tests from public view? But this restriction is not limited to the general public, but includes present day scientists working within the space program.

Such structural alterations and ill effects indicated that some new science and technology was required, yet the space program continued without even feeling a bump in the road and without further consideration to the structural alterations and ill effects demonstrated under strict laboratory controls.

Obviously this should have slowed or curtailed the general thrust of the space program, but no such slowing or curtailment occurred, as it was and has been business as usual.

Today there is talk of utilizing water which might or might not exist on the moon and or mars for the purpose of human consumption during future manned missions.

If the original test results are valid the use of lunar or martian water would put the mission crew members at risk, in relation to their health and safety.

The occurrence and deletion of these early tests creates many questions, which for the time being must remain unanswered. But it would not be possible for the astronauts of the Apollo missions to have inhaled the same material to which a variety of plants and animals were subjected without themselves suffering ill effects, if the lunar material caused accelerated growth, genetic deformities and cancerous growths in species of plants and animals.

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