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Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Field


Lynne McTaggart wrote a great book entitled "The Field", which has since been followed by several more, but there is still something missing.  It would seem that the basic science associated with the field has not been considered.

Certainly experiments have been conducted demonstrating the effects of thought on the health of plants and animals, but this in itself is not something new.  It has been shown that the intention of thought can influence the structure of ice crystals and affect responses in plants.

Recently, as well as historically, scientists have noted distinct changes in the light emission of various materials resulting from the intention of thought, which is assumed to indicate fluctuations in energy.  And in such cases the light itself is considered to represent a source of energy. which although seemingly rational hides the real issues involved and effectively prevents further progress leading to a clear understanding of the field.

If we are to understand the field we must consider the actual dynamics affecting the condition of field, plus the relative nature of field and the underlying force of energy responsible for sustaining and perpetuating the condition of field.  We have to do better than simply rationalize the obvious effects in terms of what is commonly accepted by the scientific establishment.

In this respect we must embrace the simultaneous nature of universe without which ESP and or thought transference would not be possible.  If the condition of universe did not exist as a simultaneous unified field of frequency such things would not be possible, as they would not occur.

Thought is instantaneously transmitted and received regardless of the distance involved, as distance in terms of the space involved is merely a condition of field, just as gravity and electromagnetism are determined by the condition of field, in terms of dynamic responses. Therefore space is a dynamic response to the condition of field.

In relation to a simultaneous unified field system the supporting and or underlying force of energy is non-linear time field frequency acceleration, whereby space is simply the result of a relative differential in non-linear time field frequency acceleration.

Thought bypasses the linear concept of space, time and motion. Because thought is not linear in nature there are no linear restraints in terms of space, time and motion.

Physical matter on the other hand is restricted by the restraints of space, time and motion, in respect to the speed of light being the upper speed limit of universe.

Yet the field itself is a non-linear system which is simultaneously unified in that all aspects of universe are simultaneously linked to each other in order to form a unified field of frequency remaining relative to the system of reference.  And in that physical matter exists in terms of a continuance of field it is possible to influence the structural dynamics of physical matter through the medium of thoughtful intention in either a negative or positive manner.

In effect we create the reality of our world through the medium of our thoughtful intentions.  The collective mind of humanity has the power to determine the outcome of any event whether we are consciously or unconsciously aware of our intent.  There is no such thing as a random event, as all events are the effect of a cause.

The dynamics of field associated with a unified field system are inversely proportional  in relation to an internal/external relationship, in that for every cause there is an equal  and opposite reaction whereby the resistant response (reaction) of any mass must remain proportionally (equal) opposite to the underlying energy focused to the center of field in terms of a positive/negative relationship.

And the condition of field, as determined by the underlying force of energy is the condition of universe remaining relative to the system of reference.

The condition of universe involves a dynamic differential in the underlying force of energy, in terms of the non-absolute upper and lower limits of field frequency.

From this we should realize that instantaneous communication exists between all systems of universe, as the underlying force of energy provides a  simultaneous connection  to all points associated with the space, time and motion of universe.

Furthermore we have direct connection to both past and future, as both past and future exist in a simultaneous state while remaining relative to the present moment.  And in this respect we are linked to  the continuance of field, whereby we are directly linked to all people, all things and all places existing at all times associated with the condition of field remaining relative to the system of reference.

So it should not surprise us that our intentions of thought influence the condition of physical structure, as it is our intention which produces such an effect.

I suggest reading the first 7 chapters of the book Unity which are located at


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