Gravity Control Idealism

Gravity Control Idealism attempts to understand the underlyiing dynamics of Universe, whereby it might be possible to control gravity and electromagnetism in a manner allowing for the needs of our planet.

Monday, May 30, 2005

A Unified Field System

To control gravity requires a FIELD FREQUENCY MODULATOR capable of modulating the underlying force in a controlled manner.

Such modulators exist naturally in a variety of different forms, the most common of which involves the vertical and horizontal relationship of a multi-phase ring structure, such as that incorporated into the structure of plants and trees.

In this respect the vertical and horizontal positioning of the xylem cells allows for the focusing of field in relation to the internal dynamics relative to the external dynamics.

In that the xylem are able to focus the internal dynamics in a controlled manner it is possible for the xylem to lift fluids from the roots to the extremities of a tree's growth, whereby hundreds of gallons of fluid are lifted and or lowered as required.

If you want to develop an anti-gravity devise, which replaces rockets, we must build a dynamic field system, which exists itself as a system of reference. This means that the universe exists relative to our system as a non-simultaneous condition of field, whereby the size of universe is regulated by our field frequency modulator.

A field frequency modulator regulates time, space and motion, in terms of a unified field system, as the condition of universe remains relative to the modulator.

The control comes from within as the energy of any system is focused to the center of field, which affects inversely proportional dynamic effects, in terms of the external and internal dynamics of field.

Although a modular field frequency modulator might exist in the earth's field, the modular field frequency modulator exists independent of the earth's field, as the modulator provides its own field in relation to a unified field system.

A four phase electromagnetic driver provides non-linear propulsion, which requires no fuel of any kind in relation to liquids, solids and or gases. It is a simple configuration of field which provides for lift and thrust.

There is no magic involved, nor is there any linear relationship corresponding to the space and motion involved, it is simply a matter of field focus.

The controlled modulation of the underlying energy potential modulates the ratio of energy per unit of mass. If there is a high enough ratio of energy per unit of mass the mass will rise skyward. When the mass reaches an altitude where the energy of the mass is equivalent to the field in which it is rising it will stop rising and hover. The mass will not fall unless it's energy level falls below that of the field in which it is positioned.

If its so simple, why hasn't it been done already????

Because the simplicity is overwhelming to the point that it insults our inherent attitude of intellectual superiority. We want it to be complicated in order to assert our importance. In fact we insist it be so and deny the possibility of a simple answer.

We define energy as a resistant force and wonder why our machines wear out, while we remain perplexed by the consumption of a fuel supply.

If energy was resistant, the universe would stop and we would not exist. It's an old problem and we still don't get it.

We conclude that energy does work, but fail to realize that all work is resistant, which is why we get tired.

We have built a house of cards that will eventually collapse, so it is important that we considered the non-resistant nature of energy, in terms of an underlying force of energy, as energy continues to support the existence of universe without the consumption of fuel. Yet we insist that the sun is powered by a process of fusion without considering that the conversion of mass to energy is a contradiction of logic, as such a process requires the mass to predetermine the potential of energy available.

And in this respect we do not consider that there should be a difference in the ratio of energy per unit of mass, because if we did we would realize that it was the underlying potential of energy which determined the dynamics of physical mass.

A black hole converts mass to energy, while the sun converts energy to mass, as the dynamics are reversed in relation to the two opposing conditions of field. Still we insist that mass can be converted to energy, while ignoring the obvious results of our efforts to date. Resistance is not energy, yet we insist that it is, if only to avoid the possibility of failure.

Resistance affects a decrease in energy and a further increase in resistance to any further increase in energy.

An increase in the underlying force of energy affects a decrease in resistance to a further increase in energy, while an increase in resistance affects a decrease in energy and an increase in resistance to a further increase in energy.

So, once we get the idea straight in our minds we will find that it would be impossible to run out of energy, as the underlying energy of any system is self sustaining and self perpetuating in terms of a relative unified field system.


At 12:11 AM, Blogger Mona said...

WOW...I'm impressed with this site...thank you for expanding my mind. Keep up the good work!

At 4:20 AM, Blogger Sepp said...

Reminds me of the "second law of thermodynamics" which apparently condemns us to perpetual energy shortage. I have argued against that in ("A new beginning for Thermodynamics") in 1993.

Thanks for taking an optimistic view.


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