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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Reverse Engineering UFO Type Craft

It seems everyone knows about Area 51, but no one seems sure what they do there, so we hear a lot of stories about reverse engineering downed alien space craft.

If they have an alien space craft why do they need to reverse engineer it? Is it broken or is it that they can't read the operators manual? Seems a little odd to be reverse engineering something that works.

Then we hear that element 115 is saucer fuel, as reported by an ex-employee from Area 51. And if element 115 is in fact the alien fuel of choice I would not put too much faith in this alien technology. In fact I would not even consider such technology to be advanced, as element 115 is nasty stuff. Area 51, element 115?

Somehow I picture those in charge actually knowing what they are doing, but maybe that idea is far too rational and or idealistic.

I suspect that the principles upon which such a craft is based represent quite a hurdle, as getting from there to here in a reasonable length of time and in one piece would suggest that advanced physics would be involved.

For example; if alien craft employ instantaneous transformation, this would explain why they are never noticed coming or going from our air space, as they simply enter or exit through our own air space and do not actually travel the spatial dimensions of space as our conventional aerospace systems do.

It would appear that they have the ability to modulate an underlying force affecting the condition of field, whereby the modulation of the field itself allows them instantaneous access to anywhere they wish to travel.

And as far as gravity goes, they would have a solid grasp of that subject too, in respect to gravity being a dynamic response corresponding to the condition of field. So by controlling the underlying force affecting the condition of field they would also control gravity.

Consider for the moment that instantaneous transformation does not involve having to transit the spatial dimensions of space, whereby the spatial dimensions are simply avoided or by passed. In other words they detour the spatial dimensions by modulating the condition of field, which sounds pretty wild doesn't it?

So, you don't have to beam yourself from Point A to Point B or arrive without any clothes. You simply modulate the space and motion existing relative to Point A to the condition of Point B and you are there, which is amazingly simple.

The idea of finding a method by which to travel faster than the speed of light is completely unnecessary, as you cannot go any faster than instantaneous travel.

But what is so amazing about this is that you don't actually travel anywhere in terms of conventional travel.

Right now we are planning a manned mission to Mars, which we expect will involve a very long voyage. A little like planning to sail around the world in a rubber raft.

It would appear that a more practical method of space travel is beyond our comprehension, despite the fact that we continue to spend billions of dollars on secret research and development programs at Area 51. So there is something wrong with this picture, as it seems insane that we would be attempting to reverse engineer UFO type craft and at the same time planning for a manned mission to Mars on the back of a conventional rocket. The idea seems absurd, but maybe I'm trying to be too rational.

The big question in many peoples minds seems to be the propulsion involved, which may explain why the reverse engineering of UFO type craft seems to take so long. It would appear that we are stuck on this idea of propulsion, when in fact there may not be a system of propulsion involved, at least not in respect to our existing perception of propulsion.

We expect something to be consumed as fuel, whereby a force of push or pull causes the craft to move. But what if there is no fuel and there is no force of push or pull? In this case it would appear that we are completely lost.

Must be nuclear they say, like element 115. Not a chance in hell would it be nuclear. And if that's what they think, they don't know much.

The drive system for a UFO type craft is not going to consume fuel of any kind, as the whole idea is to modulate the field of the craft, where the field of the craft itself is different than the field in which the craft is seen to operate.

In other words, the craft exists as a unified field system where all other systems exist relative to the craft, so if we have a UFO type craft operating in our air space the craft exists as a field within the field of our planet Earth. So we have a field within a field.

The conditions remaining relative to the craft are not identical to the conditions remaining relative to our planet Earth, which is why we find it very difficult if not impossible to catch a UFO or shoot one down. So there is a dynamic differential in the underlying force of energy affecting the condition of a UFO type craft and a conventional jet aircraft, which means the UFO type craft is the superior rig.

If you examine Project Unity by clicking "antigravity" on the front page of you will see that the drive system is a magnetic configuration. The craft does not spin, nor do its internal parts spin, as there is no spinning involved. It is a simple process of focus, much like the focusing of a optical lens. Yes, it's just that simple.

No turning of wheels, not jet thrusters, no push and no pull, just the simple modulation of field dynamics, in terms of a unified field system.

Perhaps back engineering has more to do with navigation, as it might appear baffling that you could steer an aerospace system without turning or banking.

Navigating by field focus is perhaps a great deal easier than one might suspect, as the craft will move in the direction of focus. And should the direction of focus be reversed the craft moves in the opposite direction without having slowed or turned, which a conventional craft could not do, nor would the pilot survive, at least not at 15,000 MPH.

If the field of a UFO type craft is in fact a unified field system, the craft's center of gravity is at the center of the craft. Therefore there is no force of gravity to overcome during such a manouver. A pilot could reverse his direction of travel at full speed and not even spill his coffee.

At the present time we talk about hyperdimensional velocities when in fact there is no such thing. No physical mass can achieve light speed, yet it is possible to travel much faster than light, but not as a physical mass existing within the field of the Earth.

Once we get used to the idea of an underlying force affecting the condition of field we can see that the modulation of field dynamics is something quite apart from our linear perception of push and pull.

If we modulate the field of our craft to the relative upper possible limit we are already moving faster than light, as we have left the relative confines of the present moment and are now experiencing instantaneous transformation to our next destination. There is no mass resistance involved if you can imagine such a thing, as it is mass resistance which keeps the universe relative to our planet.

By modulating the field of the craft you have altered the dynamics of universe remaining relative to the craft. So it would be possible to travel what we now consider billions of light years in the blink of an eye.

It sounds quite impossible until you take the time to consider the situation in terms of an underlying dynamic force, which is something we have failed to address so far. Even Tesla spoke of the underlying dynamics and the inherent possibilities which had yet to be considered.

If we are confined by the process of back engineering we need to take a few steps back and consider the possibility that we may have missed the most important aspect of the exercise. We may have attempted to confine the function of the craft to our existing perceptions without allowing for the possibility that such a craft might function beyond the limits of those perceptions. And if this is the case we desperately need to reconsider our thinking, as the function of the craft is certainly not going to change.

So the reverse engineering of a UFO type craft is limited to the talents of those involved in the process. And if they are restrained by their own limitations no amount of increased funding is going to solve the problem, because the problem is not a scientific or technical aerospace problem, it's a psychological problem.


At 8:10 AM, Blogger gravity control said...

Yet, at some point can we assume they did reverse engineer something?

Whether or not, it looks like they have over fifty years of explaining why we're not steeped in gravity control.

And currently, uh Mr Bush, did your dad have oil interests with the Saudis? Saudi Arabians in the know must be putting some of that money into gravity control.

At 6:13 AM, Blogger Bob Meads said...

1. We do not reverse engineer something to repair it, we do so to gain understanding of how it works. It isnt odd to do so, it is human nature.

2. It is absurd that we would spend money on reverse engineering a craft while also spending money on a mission to mars with currently understood methods; We are not (my opinion).

Your essay seems to rely on the fact that we are , in fact, reverse engineering an alien craft at A51. I wish it were so; however, I am convinced we are not for the simple fact that there is not one single shred of evidence anywhere, despite the countless claims of victims and observers to the contrary.

At 3:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Change the constant universal force of the Universe? Sounds like you have been watching too much Star Trek.
First off, A51 is not reverse engineering anything. Its an area for development and research into KNOWN propulsions. Since it involves cutting edge technology, it has inherant underlining security risks involved. In order to keep security at a maximum, particular steps have to be taken to keep certain eyes and ears within the research and other eyes and ears out of it. National security is no joking matter and especially to the military.
Arising from the secrecy people tend to let their imaginations get the better of them. A rumor generated and passed on has no more merit the last time as it did the first time.
This is not to say I don't believe strange craft havent been witnessed by individuals all around the world. I myself have witnessed something I couldn't explain with current technology and probably couldn't even if I tried. But believe this, those craft have to operate in the same laws of the universe that our own space ships and airplanes have to contend with.
You made mention of Tesla and his work with magnetism. When mankind can fully explain how magnetism works then he will be able to implement those properties for our benefit. Work within the physical laws and stop trying to supercede them.

At 6:02 AM, Blogger gravity control said...

Annonymous has a great line, "Work within the physical laws and stop trying to supercede them."
And of course if entrepreneurial science followed that line of thinking we'd be back scratching our heads on what we might do with a stick.

At 8:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i second your statement about the other anonymus saying "we should stay within the confines of known physical laws.." i dont believe such staying or holding on to theories..that are so lacking in experimental proofability is going to enhance our understanding in any way. Research and curious investigation..thats the only way to sort out what works and what doesnt..not knowing exactly how magnetism works ..has not impeded our ability to utilize "magnetism" in many producive ways...what is Needed is a Unification of Gravity and Electromagnetism...just as faraday Unified the latter with his electromagnetic Induction experiment...i believe this has been observed and tested recently in a a Dr. Martin Tajmar and associates...if so we are well on the way to a Unified field Theory ..with Experimental proof to back contentions..

At 10:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

if you cant think outside the box ,you get stuck thinking the earth is flat.

At 6:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

they had no choice but to reengineer to an extent do u really think they will chance testing and crashing a working recovered craft.

aside of that if it crashed doest that mean that it had to had to have a malfunction in order to crash and we would have to fix it.
we would make a fleet if we could which would require reverse engineering of the anti gravity and propultion sytstem magnetic propultion i believe the anti gravity system is only to make a living being to travel at extremely high speeds instantly

At 6:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

working within the laws of pysics is not the answer the laws have been broken and those laws only pertain to your information with any speed other than the speed of light and got news thats where where at might open up your realm of information a bit.

try creating magnetic feilds and reversing them aroungd a fixed object its a it takes 4 different magnetic fields to make an object move 3 external and 1 internal u can do it yourself dead set study it not that ull get far but it will prove the point get ya off the ground anyway point is reverse engineering is an absolute must and that is not the only type of propultion system there is but the other ones cost alot of money or will drive u crazy 1 of the 2

At 1:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You state in your second paragraph-

"If they have an alien space craft why do they need to reverse engineer it? Is it broken or is it that they can't read the operators manual? Seems a little odd to be reverse engineering something that works."

Here are a few reasons why people use reverse engineerring. (found on wikipedia)

1. interoperability.
2. lost documentation: Reverse engineering often is done because the documentation of a particular device has been lost (or was never written), and the person who built the widget is no longer available. Integrated circuits often seem to have been designed on obsolete, proprietary systems, which means that the only way to incorporate the functionality into new technology is to reverse-engineer the existing chip and then re-design it.
3. product analysis. To examine how a product works, what components it consists of, estimate costs, identify potential patent infringement.
4. security auditing
5. removal of copy protection, circumvention of access restrictions.
6. creation of unlicensed/unapproved duplicates
7. fraud e.g. revealing secret keys from smart cards

No clue why you would think it "odd" to try to reverse engineer a UFO, if someone or an organization actually had one. I find it odd you would think an alien civilization (if one exists) would actually put a "how to build this spaceship" manual in it. Even if that were the case, I find it even moree odd that you would think we would be able to interpret and read a manual from a civilization hundreds if not thousands or millions of years more advanced than us...

I did not get past that second paragraph due to the lack of common sense it reflected. I would suggest a little more research and a little less guesswork.

At 10:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My bet is on gravity. It can make things move and make things stay; for instance, cause a relatively large object to move and accelerate, move smaller objects out of the larger objects path perhaps and at the same time keep everything inside relatively comfortable and intact. 3 for the price of one. Something there that makes it all be its own place. A particle's movement is relative to some other object. Light moves away from an object and it's speed is said to be constant. An object moving at a certain speed emitting light is emitting light at that certain speed + the velocity of light? An object "falling" into a field of gravity accelerates and accelerates on and on, infinitely, but is it really "moving" like a particle of light or is it doing something fundamentally different? Our planet revolves around our star, and the whole solar system is plowing through space as well, yet they are two separate motions independent of each other even though combined. Some object with its own gravity field is an independent object, and an object which changes its relative position by using a field that itself has created/propagated is not necessarily to be considered motion/movement, even though certain measurements may be applied relative to other objects. Gravity is an attraction or a force, movement is the result. Perhaps some laws of physics need to be "bent" a little if not broken. Ultimately, perhaps its something quite efficient and ingeniously simple, if not outrageously unorthodox. (Small singularity, artificially dense materials, or simulating the fields or states which surround these types of objects (gravity by proxy, mimicked gravity, etc.)"...Its not nice to fool mother nature!!!" Until everything is perfected, I predict some extremely outrageous and spectacular accidents in mankind's near future. The Hindenburg was just a small spark in comparison to what's to come. I for one am not interested in being the first in line for a ride and I advise extreme caution and safe distances (parsecs) for any test flights. Furthermore, I hope we get something going before we seriously piss any of our universal neighbors off to badly, so we can find a nice place to hide some of ourselves. Fight nice with your fellow theoretical scientists. Best regards,

At 10:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Ourselves are just a slight bit over confident about our endeavors. Particle accelerators, fusion enhanced fission, breaking small particles that don't want to normally break. All this in the confines of our residence (Earth)... I like the science and I'm by no means a tree hugger, but really, have some of us lost all of our scuples! All of our progress won't be of a single use if we cause our destruction in the process. Extreme caution is advised when tinkering with fundamental laws of the universe. And it doesn't seem as though we are being very careful at all lately. Just a thought.

At 7:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

First of all: gravity is a cumulative force and act on space and matter extension. Second: gravity have constant, up or down strenght.Each type of gravity have diferent influece on space and matter extension. So, do not talk about (constant)gravity. Variable gravity strenght is "propulsive force" for space vehicle.
Real space vehicle have electro(magnetic) generator which produce standing, electric neutral spherical wave and thic wave are origin of synthetic gravity field. This field is second gravity field within Earth gravity field. If whoever want to build this type of electric generator, must uncover classic mechanical and electrodinamical construction for each atom (quantum mechanic is unadequate and incomplete mathematical atom building).

At 8:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

First of all: gravity is a cumulative force and act on space and matter extension. Second: gravity have constant, up or down strenght.Each type of gravity have diferent influece on space and matter extension. So, do not talk about (constant)gravity. Variable gravity strenght is "propulsive force" for space vehicle.
Real space vehicle have electro(magnetic) generator which produce standing, electric neutral spherical wave and this waves are origin of synthetic gravity field. This field is second gravity field within Earth gravity field. If whoever want to build this type of electric generator, must uncover classic mechanical and electrodinamical construction for each atom (quantum mechanic is unadequate and incomplete mathematical atom building).

At 7:52 AM, Anonymous Reverse Engineering said...

I like this a lot, l work in reverse engineering.

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