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Sunday, October 16, 2005

SETI's Search

Although I have suggested that there might be a more efficient manner by which to intercept signals originating from space, those suggestions appear to have fallen on deaf ears.

At the present time we are confined to the field remaining relative to our planet, yet such a consideration appears to escape the notice of those who wish to perpetuate the myth of uniformity, as they insist that a signal from the stars might arrive at any moment.

If we are seeking a signal from an extraterrestrial source we might be in for a very long wait, as it would seem less than intelligent to anticipate the arrival of a signal which could only be sent from within the extremely narrow window of one’s own unified field system.

If we consider the dynamics of our unified field system, in relation to the non-simultaneous condition of Universe remaining relative to our planet Earth, we will realize that a conventional radio signal beamed into space would be limited to the confines of the field from which it was sent.  This means that the signal is restricted to the condition of field remaining relative to our planet Earth.

In an equal manner a radio signal beamed into space from any planet, moon or extraterrestrial space craft would also be limited to the confines of the field from which it was sent, which means the signal is restricted to the condition of field remaining relative to the point of the signals origin.

Therefore the opportunity for such a signal to be received from any other location in space is so extremely remote that it is most unlikely to occur.  Unless of course the signal originates from a space craft we ourselves have sent into space.

It is the dynamics of inter field communication which confound those attempting to access extraterrestrial radio signals, as the science and technology required for inter field contact is not presently considered applicable and or necessary.

The existing situation here on our planet Earth could be explained by a simple analogy; such as a person, possessing a telephone which is not connected to a telephone system, awaiting their first incoming call.  They could wait for a very long time and still not receive a call.  But if they were to connect their telephone to an existing communications system they would immediately have contact with anyone connected to the system.

It might sound very simple and elementary, but it is not simple, even though it might be elementary.

All the extraterrestrial communications we might wish to intercept are taking place beyond the limits of our unified field system, which means we are not paying attention.

Considering the size of Universe one could easily anticipate extraterrestrial signals originating from millions of different stations.  But after years of listening we have yet to confirm contact with even one.  So, it would appear rational to consider that there might be something lacking in respect to our equipment, as opposed to doubting the existence of an extraterrestrial source of communication.

If we are to have contact with extraterrestrial intelligence existing beyond the limits of our unified field system we must have the equipment allowing inter-field contact to occur, which would require the development of a field frequency modulator.

A field frequency modulator would allow us full spectrum access in relation to the billions of unified field systems existing themselves as non-simultaneous conditions of Universe.

In other words, we would immediately have access to millions of signals originating from extraterrestrial sources.

Every unified field system exists independent of every other system, yet they are all inter-connected and inter-related through a simultaneous condition of Universe remaining relative to every system.  So it is through this simultaneous condition of Universe that we should be making contact, yet we fail to realize that such a thing might even be possible.

This means that simultaneous communication is not only possible but essential to the task, despite the fact that we perceive distant galaxies existing at distances described in terms corresponding to millions and billions of light years.

Inter-field communication might seem like an extremely radical idea, but it must be considered, as it is the only manner by which extraterrestrial contact is possible, in relation to a meaningful means of communication.

A field frequency modulator allows for the modulation of non-linear time field frequency acceleration, in that the rate of acceleration is different for every unified field system of Universe.  And keeping in mind that the rate of acceleration is of a non-absolute value, we are talking about a very wide range of modulation.

What we are talking about here is getting plugged in to the Universe and extending our boundaries beyond the relative limitations of a single system.

Of course simultaneous communication would appear to defy the existing rules of science, but this is not the case at all, it’s just that we don’t understand the rules.

We are reluctant to accept the idea that all systems of Universe maintain a non-uniform relationship, to the point where the evidence of non-uniformity is restricted to a classified status.  This means that evidence clearly defining the condition of non-uniformity is hidden and kept from public view, while the existence of such evidence is repeatedly denied.

Having seen such evidence myself I can assure you that it is far too real to be ignored.

The importance of non-uniformity is multiple in meaning, but for the purpose of this discussion it provides an understanding of our relative isolation within the field of planet Earth, as we are separated from the rest of Universe by a non-uniform boundary of field frequency.  And regardless of how far or how fast we might be able to travel by means of our existing aerospace technology we are presently restricted to a single unified field system.

This means that we are cut off from any and all interplanetary or intergalactic communications of extraterrestrial origin that might be in progress, other than those associated with our own terrestrial based communications.

If SETI were to employ a field frequency modulator in their effort to intercept an extraterrestrial signal they would be rewarded by not one but millions of signals originating from space.

The question would no longer be whether we are alone, but how discerning we might wish to be in relation to those with whom we would now have contact.

This is not to say that we would merely have the technical capability to listen to random signals, but that we would have the ability to instantaneously participate in two way communications.

Of course it sounds like science fiction, because we are conditioned to respond in disbelief.  And if you doubt that point, you only have to consider the limitations of conventional science in order to realize how restricted your view of Universe really is.

SETI is at least attempting to break the mold, but are restricted by a lack of science and technology.  Anyone attempting to make extraterrestrial contact must have the right science and the right technological tools to do the job.

This means getting it right, getting it straight and putting it to work, without the restrictions of denial.

We need to get on with the work of building for the future, because there is going to be a future whether we like it or not.  So let’s get past the pettiness and the greed and realize we do have a future.

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What would it take to produce a field frequency modulator? Is the science in place for such a device, and is there anyone currently working on said device?


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