Gravity Control Idealism

Gravity Control Idealism attempts to understand the underlyiing dynamics of Universe, whereby it might be possible to control gravity and electromagnetism in a manner allowing for the needs of our planet.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Interplanetary Contact

The Apollo Missions put a man on the Moon, but we did not go back as originally planned to establish a permanent base.

The reason for this is rather complex, but nonetheless very important in respect to accessing space and the natural resources of space.

During the Apollo Missions we discovered that lunar materials existed in a non-uniform state relative to our Earth, which means the lunar materials are out of sync with the field of our earthly environment.

We exist in a relatively uniform field of frequency, in relation to our earthly environment. Of course there are anomalies of non-uniformity existing on our Earth, but generally speaking we exist in a fairly uniform field of frequency.

Yet, despite what we have been led to believe, all other planetary bodies maintain a non-uniform relationship with our Earth, in terms of a relative relationship.

This means that the time, space and motion of Universe existing relative to all bodies in space is different, in varying degrees. Some differences are small and others are large, but nonetheless they are different and consequently maintain a non-uniform relationship with each other.

In practical terms, we cannot eat or drink anything originating on another planetary body, nor can we grow our own food on another planetary body even if we bring our own seeds along with us. We cannot drink the water, regardless of it's purity or breathe the air regardless of it's content.

If we eat or drink the resources of another planetary body, that food and drink will cause us to become very ill, as we will suffer genetic deformities and cancer, as well as either accelerated or decelerated growth and or cellular replication, which constitutes a very serious situation, to say the least.

Although we will find identical elements existing elsewhere in the Universe, those elements exist in altered states of non-uniformity relative to our Earth. This means that the rate of field frequency acceleration associated with their field structure is either lower or higher than that here on Earth, in relation to past and or future conditions remaining relative to our Earth's present moment.

Lunar materials for example are historical relative to our Earth, which means they are very old. But they are not old in terms of a uniform relationship, but old in terms of a non-uniform relationship.

If we were to drink water which might exist on the Moon or Mars it would cause distortions to occur in relation to the uniform acceleration of field frequency associated with our body cells. In other words, a non-uniform potential causes our cell structure to become distorted in relation to it's normal form and it's normal function.

This has been experimentally proven, dating back to at least 1971 or earlier, but it is not something which is commonly understood, as the original lunar tests have been censored whereby major portions of the test results have been classified. So, we are led to believe that we might access the resources of space safely without any great difficulty, but this is simply not true.

Without major advances in science and technology we are presently incapable of safely accessing the resources of space in any meaningful manner. In other words, we could access the resources alright, but we can't use them, as they represent a hazard to our health and safety.

So what's the answer? The only way we can safely access the resources of space is to develop a system which allows for a uniform access to the various planets and moons etc. And the only means by which to allow for uniform access is through the application of non-linear dynamics, in the form of instantaneous transformation and or time travel, which provides a means by which to modulate the condition of the materials themselves.

In the most simplest of terms we have to develop a means by which to alter the field frequency of extraterrestrial materials in order that they might correspond with the levels of field frequency associated with of our earthly environment.

Fortunately this is a lot easier than it sounds, as it is possible to modulate the underlying dynamics of any material in relation to affecting an increase and or decrease in field frequency acceleration.

Yet the problem involved here gets a little complicated, as our government and industry are intent on maintaining a nuclear agenda, which was and is a tragic mistake closely related to the problem of non-uniformity associated with extraterrestrial materials.

In attempting to understand the principles governing the underlying dynamics of physical structure one quickly realizes the inherent dangers associated with the nuclear agenda, as our existing concepts of energy and atomic energy is frightfully lacking and in most instances in error.

Nuclear materials exist in a non-uniform state relative to the field in which they exist, so they do in fact cause distortions to the field in which they exist, which in turn affects our environment in a manner similar to that of extraterrestrial materials.

On top of that nuclear materials have extremely low energy potentials, whereby they afford no benefit to the environment of our planet. In fact, their energy levels are so low that they suffer an energy deficiency corresponding to their non-uniform condition.

So, in effect we are caught in a bit of a trap in respect to further development, as further advances in science and technology will also unmask the mistakes of the past, which is not necessarily considered advantageous to many of those in positions of authority.

But, nonetheless we continue to work towards our goal of achieving gravity control.


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