Gravity Control Idealism

Gravity Control Idealism attempts to understand the underlyiing dynamics of Universe, whereby it might be possible to control gravity and electromagnetism in a manner allowing for the needs of our planet.

Sunday, January 08, 2006


If you consider the dynamics of the earth/sun system you will realize that there is an increasing differential in the non-uniform energy potential existing between the earth and the sun.

The degree of non-uniformity is focused toward the sun, which is very fortunate otherwise we would be burned to a cinder.  But as this dynamic differential increases so does the intensity of the solar mass which affects an increase in the solar resistance which radiates isometrically.  This in turn directly affects global warming.

However, there is much more involved, as each element has a different ratio of energy to mass, in terms of a relative ratio of energy per unit of mass.

Also there is an increasing differential in dynamic potential existing between the lighter elements and the field of the earth in which they exist.

This means that the lighter elements are becoming lighter relative to the field in which they exist, as their dynamic acceleration is proportionally greater than that of the field in which they exist.

In relation to global warming this causes more moisture to evaporate and more precipitation, but it also means that the smallest possible size of H2O molecules capable of falling as rain, sleet, hail or snow must be increasing.

As the relative dynamic potential of the earth’s field decreases isometrically from the center of the earth’s core to the infinite depths of space, while the differential in dynamic potential between the lighter atmospheric elements and the earth’s field increases with altitude I would consider it natural for some of these lighter elements to be escaping into space, especially hydrogen and oxygen.

Over time the level of oxygen in our earth’s atmosphere has dropped from 30% to 20% and is still decreasing, while the level of CO2 is increasing.

This would suggest that the oxygen depletion of our planet is partly due to a bleeding of the earth’s atmosphere into space.

As previously discussed in my earlier posts, the four directions of the earth’s underlying dynamics corresponding to NON-LINEAR TIME FIELD FREQUENCY ACCELERATION, (ntffa), are in the direction of the earth’s rotational spin, from the equator to the North Pole, from the equator to the South Pole and symmetrically to the center of the earth’s core, air turbulence circulates from the equator to the poles.  And as the underlying potential of (ntffa) is continually increasing, variations in weather intensity should increase proportionally.

As the intensity of the solar potential increases so does the level of resistance radiating isometrically from the sun, which directly affects the warming of the earth and our neighboring planets.

Human industry creates pollution in our environment, which must be controlled, but this is not the whole problem or the whole solution.

The underlying energy of the solar field is increasing, which is focused to the core of the sun.  This causes a non-uniform differential in energy existing between the earth and the sun, which is focused toward the sun, and as the potential of the sun is increasing faster than that of the earth the differential in resistance is radiated outwardly from the sun in an isometric manner.  This radiated resistance has a dramatic effect on the condition of our planet, which is in part manifest as global warming.

Consequently this is not the best time for a break down in the ozone layer, as this further complicates the situation.

We are losing oxygen as our atmosphere is slowly bleeding into space, which is due to the natural dynamics of our solar field system.

It can be expected that the earth/sun cycle will culminate in the earth being forced from its existing orbit and repositioned further from the sun, which would result in a dramatic decrease in the earth’s surface temperature.

There is a direct relationship between global warming and gravity control, in relation to the science and technology involved in the controlled modulation of the underlying force, (ntffa).  Therefore, it is essential that we give serious consideration to the causes and implications of global warming in order that we might find solutions by which to ensure our survival.  


At 1:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are an extremely intelligent person, though not surprising from an aquarian.

if i may ask a few questions?

i am trying to understand the exact relationship between global warming and the heating of the earth's core. specifically, which is cause and which is effect?

how likely is it that man-made scalar EM potential is the cause of one or both? if this is plausible, what kind of effect would this have on the substance at the earth's core in terms of displacement?

thank you.

At 10:05 PM, Blogger David Barclay said...


The core of the earth is extremely cold, as there is virtually zero resistance close to the center of the earth. The underlying energy of the earth is non-resistant in that an increase in the underlying energy, which incidently is continuously increasing due to field frequency acceleration, affects a decrease in resistance to a further increase in energy.

The greatest resistance is along the equator.

The surface curve of the earth corresponds to the earth's highest potential of EM.

Man made EM does have a direct effect on both the biosphere and the geosphere and on top of this it plays a role in the earth/sun & earth/moon relationship.

Man made EM represents non-uniform potentials which affect distortions in the earth's field, but also cause distortions in relation to both the earth/sun & earth/moon relationships.

This in effect makes the earth more resistant to the field of the moon and sun, so that the distortional effects normally associated with the non-uniformity existing between the earth and the sun and the earth and the moon will be intensified.

This is not good news for anyone, as this effectively increases not only the surface temperature of the earth but the temperature of the geosphere to a depth of about 7 or 8 thousand meters, which is why we are seeing so much activity in terms of earthquakes and volcanic disturbances.

The temperature of the geosphere increases to about 7,000 meters and then starts to drop, so by the time you get to the core you are talking extreme cold.

Also we can look to a continuation of extreme weather, as all weather patterns originate at the equator in both a northerly and southerly direction.

In relation to the displacement of the earth's core, this is not a big concern, but what should be a concern are distortional effects capable of affecting the stability of the earth's orbit.

I hope this answers your questions.

At 10:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

mr. barclay,

thank you so much for your time - i'm sure you are a busy man.

you not only answered my questions, you also confirmed my suspicions as to one of the true, albeit unspoken, factors behind global warming.

you also confirmed, as well, my fears as to the precariousness of the very planet under our feet - a result of the irresponsibility of a select, "self-chosen" few.

if i may, i'd like to ask one more question?

how much validity is there to what this man is claiming?


At 10:56 PM, Blogger David Barclay said...

In response to your question regarding the validity of what I am saying............

I do not claim to have all the answers and am willing to accept the possibility that I may be wrong, but I do not post anything unless I have given the matter considerable thought and consideration. Therefore I stand behind my own words.

To the best of my ability and to the best of my knowledge this is the situation as it stands in regard to global warming.

At 2:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

no no no,

i am sorry i wasn't clear in what i was asking. i have no doubt about anything you have told me, in fact i admire you for what you have/are accomplishing and your extraordinary intelligence. a few years back, i was in school under a physics major as well. but due to some misfortune in my personal life, had to withdrawal. you are what i wanted so much to be.

i was asking about this article here:

the man is the article is Macquarie University geologist Professor Bernard Wood, from australia. he is claiming that 99% of the earth's gold is at the core.


At 11:39 PM, Blogger David Barclay said...

Sorry, I missed that....

Now I have read the article I see what the question really is.

It sounds like a good story to tell, but I'm afraid it isn't true.

Gold is a heavy massive element, with a fairly low ratio of energy per unit of mass and as the field of the earth is accelerating to the core the migration of heavy elements would be outward to the surface crust.

Gold and platinum type elements are fairly rare in that the distribution of elements corresponds to their ratio of energy per unit of mass.

This is why there is so much hydrogen, in that hydrogen is the most abundant element of universe and has the highest ratio of energy per unit of mass of any known element.


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