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Gravity Control Idealism attempts to understand the underlyiing dynamics of Universe, whereby it might be possible to control gravity and electromagnetism in a manner allowing for the needs of our planet.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Evidence & Clues

During my search I have come across a few examples which appear to validate the idea of (ntffa) increasing to the center of the Earth.

The first one is an underground horticultural nursery near Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, located at a depth of 1400 meters underground, within the Creighton Mine.

At this underground site a variety of different plant species have been successfully cultivated, including vegetables, flowers and trees.

Grow lights are employed, as well as soil brought from surface sites.

The lights are turned off and on by a timed switching system as all plants require a period of night and day, where the plants rest during the period of darkness.

Not only do the various plant species thrive underground, but experience a 400% increase in their rate of growth. In other words the rate of growth is accelerated by 400%.

In relation to Jack Pine, the seeds are planted underground, where they germinate and grow for a period of 4 to 5 months. At the end of this short period a 2 year old seedling has developed.

All other plant species grow at a similar rate of acceleration. And in the case of flowers, such as roses and carnations, the colors of the flowers are vivid and well defined.

When these plants are transplanted to surface sites they revert to a normal rate of growth, but are found to be more robust and have a higher survival rate than plants started at surface. Furthermore, plants started underground and transplanted to surface are more resistant to disease and infestation than plants started at surface sites.

Results such as this cannot be duplicated at surface, even when state of the art greenhouse technology is employed.

Another underground horticultural nursery is located in the mine at Flin Flon, Manitoba, Canada, at a depth of 365 meters. Similar results are obtained, but due to the shallow depth of this site the rate of acceleration is proportionally reduced.

The second example is found around undersea hydro thermal vents, where heated water percolates from deep within the Earth. And in this instance the percolating water contains particles of rock and mineral in solution, which originated deep below the sea floor.

Here we find accelerated growth in marine life, which is effected by the percolating solution. Also, dead marine life in the immediate area of a hydro thermal vent is highly resistant to decay, which suggests that the highly energized solution affects the cellular dynamics of the marine life in a positive manner.

It should be noted that this accelerated growth is uniform, in that the plants grown underground and the marine life growing around hydro thermal vents is not genetically altered in any way.

The particles of rock and mineral in solution retain their higher dynamic state, just as the host rock of underground mine sites exists in a higher dynamic state than found at surface.

I would suggest that these two examples indicate that the rate of (ntffa) increases with depth underground, whether under the surface of the Earth or beneath the ocean floor.

In relation to experimental bore holes, it has been found that temperature increases with depth underground, but at a certain point the temperature starts to drop off or decrease with even further increases in depth underground. This seems to indicate that the temperature at the center of the Earth could be very cool, if not very cold.

It has also been found that gravity increases with depth, in that deep bore holes bear this out. But it must be noted that a bore hole extends the external condition of field and does not access the internal portion of field, as the internal portion of field is always on the inside and never on the outside.

Yet, the highly energized host rock affects the growth of plants grown underground, despite the underground site being an extension of the external field, as is any hole in the ground.

These two examples would suggest that the underlying force described in terms of (ntffa) does symmetrically increase to the center of the Earth.

It would appear that we might become somewhat confused if we did not know that there was an internal condition and an external condition of field associated with any physical structure.

This I believe has thrown us off when we consider atomic energy, as we perceive a fission reaction as accessing the internal energy of the atom, when in fact we have not accessed the internal energy at all, but merely extended the external dynamics.

In other words nuclear fission does not allow us to employ the energy of the atom, as there is a relative increase in resistance to a further increase in energy without having accessed the energy of the atom.

The underlying energy of any system sustains and perpetuates the dynamics of physical structure, which means that the underlying energy is of a creative nature and is non-destructive. Yet, from what we know we might assume that atomic energy is destructive, but without realizing that this destructive force is not energy, but merely the effect of an increase in resistance.

In other words, atomic energy is based on a false assumption of understanding, which should provide us with a very real incentive in attempting to harness what we refer to as free energy or zero point energy.

In relation to fission, a fission reaction increases the energy per unit of mass. If this were not true fission would not be possible in the first place, as an increase in energy affects an increase in the space and motion existing relative to the system of reference. In this respect one of the two pieces is smaller than the other, while one of the pieces is bigger than the other, whereby one has more energy than the other.

This is similar to the Earth/Moon system, in that the (ntffa) of the Moon is higher than that of the Earth, therefore the Moon is moving away from the Earth faster than the Earth is moving away from the Moon, in that the space and motion increases relative to an increase in (ntffa) effecting both bodies.

In terms of gravity control, we can see that the gravitational effect is decreasing relative to the higher rate of (ntffa) associated with the lunar field, whereby the mass of the Moon is decreasing in proportion to an increase in (ntffa).

Therefore we do not have to worry about the Moon falling on the Earth or the decay of the lunar orbit, as the Moon maintains it's distance due to a differential in (ntffa) relative to the field of the Earth.

And as the underlying energy of the Moon continues to increase, the Moon will continue to move away from the Earth at an ever increasing rate.

So the trick to gravity control is controlling the underlying dynamics by modulating the energy flow to the center of field, in relation to a focusing of the field dynamics.

To better understand this we can consider a simple optical lens, such as a magnifying glass, as the lens affects the field existing relative to it without effecting the field itself, which is a pretty cool trick.

In other words the lens is modulating the field existing relative to it's curvature, without effecting the field itself. So there are two aspects of a single field involved here, one aspect of which remains relative to the curvature of the lens and one that remains relative to the Earth.

The simplicity of this is a little awesome I must admit, but it gives us some idea of what is involved in attempting to modulate (ntffa) in relation to gravity control.

A simple lens cannot actually modulate (ntffa) in a controlled manner, as it is a fixed system, in that the differential in dynamic potential maintains a specific relationship, but if we could design a system capable of modulating (ntffa) in a controlled manner the modulator would provide us with a relative system of reference existing independent of the Earth, just as the Moon exists independent of the Earth.

So the trick to gravity control is to build a system based on the dynamics of a planet, moon, star or atom.

Here we must be sure we understand the dynamics involved, as our existing standards can throw us off.

It is commonly assumed that when an electron moves to a higher electron shell it has more energy, and when it falls back to the lower shell level is loses this extra energy. But, this is actually the opposite of what happens, as the increased velocity of the electron in the higher electron shell decreases the energy potential of the electron, but increases the energy potential of the nucleus, as the underlying energy is always focused to the center of field.

So, when we apply a charge to a ring or some other similar devise it levitates, as the increase in resistance effecting the external portion of field affects the internal portion of field in an inverse manner, whereby there is an increase in energy relative to the field in which the devise or ring is situated. But once the charge is discontinued the ring or devise falls to the floor or table top.

What we have done is temporarily increase the underlying dynamic force by increasing the potential of resistance, but not successfully modulated the underlying dynamic force in a controlled manner. But if we consider the underlying dynamics we might realize that the control must come from within the devise and not from outside.

In other words, we must design the internal portion of the devise to modulate the system in a controlled manner without an influence originating from outside the system. It must happen from within and not from without.

This is the challenge, to control the internal dynamics from within, which in turn will modulate the space existing relative to the system. The system itself will become the system of reference, whereby there will be a non-simultaneous condition of Universe remaining relative to it, which will be different from the non-simultaneous condition of Universe remaining relative to the Earth.


At 10:14 AM, Blogger Sitarow said...

I have come to an understanding that our "environment" is directly effected by the particle activity bombarding our solar system in turn our atmosphere and the earth each and ever day.

I believe the key to control forces such as gravity it is vital to identifying and understand how these particles interact with our environment and different densities of matter. These interactions have resulted in observable forces identified as the electric magnetic, strong, week and gravity forces. On a more common note is how these particles contribute to air pressure and meteorological events.

Your post commented on a very important point.

Quote "It has also been found that gravity increases with depth, in that deep bore holes bear this out. But it must be noted that a bore hole extends the external condition of field and does not access the internal portion of field, as the internal portion of field is always on the inside and never on the outside."

Ultimately like in the situation with two basins of water were one is elevated higher then the other.

If we were to utilize a medium to connect the two with a “hole” to extend the external condition of field of these systems we would observer that they remain one system as we maintain an equal “level”. However by modifying their elevation respective to one another their different "static" levels causes the resulting forces to directly contribute to the change of their "normal" state.

In the example if one introduces a medium such as a tube of any given length to act as a “hole” and provide an escape for these energies. The resulting observations would give evidence that the movement of water would be proportional to the differentiation in height. Such forces as air pressure and gravity would dictate at what point the water would flow within these two connected environments.

In the same way the resulting force of gravity is not due to the belief that it is an attracting force but rather the result of the interaction of these particles as they interact with different densities of matter. The benefit of "shielding" and potentially slowing down such particles under the depths of the earth is just another demonstration of how we can "negate" or at least lessen the speed at which these particles interact with matter, in this case plants.

The example of the Neutrino observatories is one such condition that comes to mind. As one would use a filter to glean out desired material, they utilize depths in the earths crust to slow the progress of a given particle, in this case neutrinos.

Therefore I feel that along with finding the techniques to isolate one system from another system of reference, we must also strive to identify what is the activity behind the results we have been observing and ultimately trying to control.

At 6:59 AM, Blogger gravity control said...


I just want to say, congratulations, for coming out and posting your thoughts. They are much appreciated.


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