Gravity Control Idealism

Gravity Control Idealism attempts to understand the underlyiing dynamics of Universe, whereby it might be possible to control gravity and electromagnetism in a manner allowing for the needs of our planet.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Field Distortion

One might wonder how a simple field of frequency could affect the dynamics of physical structure?

To understand this we only have to realize that the molecules of all physical structure are made up of atoms, which in turn are the product of an underlying dynamic force affecting dynamic field frequency responses.

The physical matter of Universe is nothing less than field frequency response, in relation to the external and internal dynamics affecting inverse responses. Therefore there is nothing solid or static involved, as the responses constituting physical matter are purely dynamic, which means they are nothing more than a continuance of dynamic responses associated with (ntffa).

The idea of physical matter having solid substance is formulated on the basis of a purely physiological and psychological interpretation, based on our inherent ability to function and survive in the environment of our planet.

We perceive space, time and motion relative to our need to navigate and function within the environment in which we exist, in terms of sensory responses. And this in itself restricts us to a limited understanding of our environment.

However, we possess the ability to look beyond the barriers of our existing perceptions and see the true nature of Universe in the form of a purely dynamic condition. This means that we are, as is all matter, a continuance of what we were yesterday and a continuance of what we will be tomorrow, but there is no present moment where we exist in a static state. Therefore there is no now, as it is impossible to define now in terms of a single instance of existence.

Time does not stop in order that we might consider the possibility of time, as time is continuously in motion relative to the system of reference. This means that we cannot define a present moment existing separate from the past and future, as no such present moment exists.

To make this more clearly understood we must realize that time itself cannot be defined in terms of an instance or in terms of a linear duration, as no such instance or duration can be accurately defined or even demonstrated to exist, as the mere act of attempting to define an instance or a duration can only occur in the context of field frequency continuance, which is either accelerating or decelerating. And in this respect there is nothing perceivable that remains stationary in order that it might be evaluated in terms of a static state.

This is why our insistence that light speed should be considered a constant prevents us from moving forward, as we insist that it should be possible to define a constant upon which to base our assessment of Universe. In other words we want to make it possible to determine the size and age of Universe in terms of linear proportions, when in fact the Universe is not linearly structured or linearly dimensioned.

The idea that the age of something can be determined on the basis of a linear relationship undermines our ability to perceive our own situation, whereby we remain vulnerable to the errors of an abstract idea.

Any non-uniform field potential represents a hazard to the structural dynamics of physical matter, whether that matter exists within the biosphere or the geosphere. Furthermore, non-uniform field potentials affect the dynamics of the solar field system as a whole.

Therefore we might consider the non-uniform affects of our nuclear testing over the last five or six decades to have had some affect on the condition of the solar mass, as the influence of our nuclear agenda provides massive distortions resulting from the non-uniformity of our industry.

We reject such a notion out of hand, yet ponder the possibility of global warming on the basis of something we might be capable of correcting, without fully understanding the basic dynamics determining the form and function of physical structure.

Yet, we have evidence to suggest that our modern low frequency communication systems are altering the physical form and function of our brain cells, which we generally dismiss on the basis of uncertainty.

On the other hand we have the affects of high voltage transmission lines running in close proximity to human habitation, whereby young children are readily subject to leukemia and other such forms of illness associated with non-uniform field potentials.

And should we realize that our physical continuance was itself nothing less than a field of frequency, we might consider the possibility that a non-uniform potential is very effective in distorting the relative continuance of uniformity associated with our field of frequency.

To date our ability to affect change has been limited to an increased potential of resistance, which corresponds to a decrease in the available underlying energy. But should we develop high energy systems it would be possible to cause physical matter to simply vanish.

In other words it might be possible to shoot holes in the very fabric of space, whereby planes, tanks, trucks or ships could be made to simply vanish.

I give this as an example in order to make a point concerning the dangers of non-uniformity, as the affects of non-uniformity are hazardous to the various life forms existing on our planet.

A non-uniform potential results from the non-uniform underlying energy potential of a field situated within a field, in that the potential of energy affecting the potential of resistance is beyond the non-absolute limits of the uniform field of frequency in which we presently exist.

To make this point clearly understood we might consider the energy deficiency of uranium, in that uranium exists in a non-uniform state relative to the uniform field in which it exists. In other words the underlying energy potential of uranium is too low to sustain a stable field structure. And as such the uranium is attempting to adapt to the environment by decreasing it's mass resistance and increasing it's energy potential relative to the field in which it exists, by means of nuclear decay.

In turn uranium affects the fabric of the environment by distorting the more highly energized fields of frequency, and in this respect the more highly energized elements are vulnerable to distortion, which puts hydrogen at the top of the endangered list, whereby any molecules containing hydrogen are more susceptible to distortion than those containing elements denoted at the other end of the periodic table.

And considering that hydrogen is the basic constituent of any life form, it should not be surprising to discover that the more highly complex life forms should be more noticeably affected.

Furthermore, it can be shown that memory, in terms of learned perceptions and concepts, exist as a continuance of field frequency, therefore it is possible for the continuance of memory to be distorted, which would affect the survival of life forms dependent upon the application of learned knowledge.

This in itself might very well reduce the intellectual capacity of the human species to discern those basic requirements for survival, while increasing destructive tendencies.

At the present we generally ignore the affects of field distortion, while attempting to find more politically favorable explanations for a variety of illness and disease, including genetic alterations and deformities affecting viral and biological agents.

Consequently it is not too difficult to understand the inherent hazards and risks involved in denying the existence of field distortion, as the factors of non-uniformity are being proliferated at an alarming and dangerous rate.

Therefore the possibility of gravity control is not limited to the theoretical aspirations of a few idle dreamers, but represents a fundamental desire for the human species to survive despite the inherent limitations of existing standards.


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