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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Gravitomagnetic Induction of Gravitational Fields

This post is in response to a story originating from the European Space Agency, so check out;
This story is entitled; Towards a new test for general relativity, dated March 23, 2006 and has now been archived at the above site under Education.

It would appear that Tajmar & Matos, the scientists responsible, have demonstrated the underlying force we at Gravity Control refer to as Non-linear Time Field Frequency Acceleration, (ntffa).

When you look at the drawing on the above site, you will notice the accelerative spin of the super conductive ring is opposite to the direction of the Gravitoelectric Field, which is to be expected.

The gravity of the sc ring is increasing as the ring accelerates, so this is not antigravity, but is in fact anti-antigravity. This is the exact opposite of antigravity where the gravity of a system would be decreasing relative to the field in which it is situated.

They make reference to gravitons which are theoretical gravitational particles, but no such particles exist as gravity is merely a condition of field and does not itself move independent of the accelerating underlying field, (ntffa).

The fact that the effect is one hundred million trillion times larger than Einstein’s General Relativity predicts is huge, as this indicates there is something wrong with Einstein’s perception of the situation.

It is my contention that there is a ratio of energy per unit of mass, in that the ratio of energy per unit of mass is different for every system of reference. This means that the ratio of energy per unit of mass is a relative consideration associated with the dynamic structure of all physical matter.

In that the sc ring is linearly accelerating, the underlying dynamic energy of the ring is decreasing in inverse proportion to the rate of linear acceleration, this accounts for this huge difference in Einstein’s theoretical prediction and the experimental results.

The experimental results reported to the ESA correspond directly to the condition of field associated with the underlying dynamics of the super conductive ring.

The linearly accelerating sc ring acts against the underlying field in which the test is run, which is the field of the Earth.

The linear acceleration of the ring is resistant to a further increase in acceleration while the nonlinear acceleration of (ntffa) is non-resistant to a further increase in nonlinear acceleration. Therefore the ratio of energy per unit of mass associated with the ring decreases in inverse proportion to the increase in its linear acceleration. This affects an increase in both the gravitoelectric field and the gravitomagnetic field, which may seem a bit confusing to some.

It is important to note that the underlying force of field, (ntffa) does not radiate, but is focused to the center of field, as what radiates is a factor of resistance corresponding to a differential in the underlying force. In this respect the factor of resistance increases isometrically from the center of field.

What has occurred here is that the linear acceleration of the ring has decreased the underlying dynamics of the ring, which in turn causes a decrease in energy and an increase in resistance relative to the field in which the ring exists.

An increase in resistance affects a decrease in energy and an increase in gravity, whereas a decrease in resistance affects an increase in energy and a decrease in gravity relative to the system of reference.

This experimental evidence supports the contentions of gravity control and the theoretical principles upon which Unity is designed.

When the super conductive ring is stationary, it cannot be slowed any further in terms of linear motion, which makes it appear that a controlled decrease in the gravity of the ring should not be possible other than by the process of freezing and the induction of an electrical charge, which is perfectly correct.

To effect a decrease in gravity the underlying force itself must be modulated in a controlled manner, whereby affecting the underlying dynamics in the desired manner. An increase in (ntffa) can be achieved by the simple focusing of field relative to the system of reference, which in turn affects an increase in the underlying energy, a decrease in resistance and a decrease in gravity relative to the system of reference.

This would suggest that Einstein’s equation, E=MC2, can only be applied in a very general sense, as there is a discrepancy in energy from one system to another, such as the various atomic elements.

Each element has its own energy potential corresponding to a specific ratio of energy per unit of mass, which means that Einstein’s equation is less than accurate.

Furthermore, when a molecular structure is reduced in size, even to the state of single atoms, each of the constituent portions is affected by an increase in energy, in relation to an underlying ratio of energy per unit of mass. This means the larger mass has less energy per unit of mass than if the same mass is reduced to a number of smaller portions.

The underlying energy of any system cannot be physically accessed in a manner which would cause energy to radiate, as energy does not radiate but is always focused to the center of field.

This spinning super conductor forms a field within the field of the Earth

The linear acceleration of the super conductive ring is acting against the underlying nonlinear acceleration of field, (aether), which supplies direct experimental evidence of (ntffa)’s (aether) existence.

We at Gravity Control give two thumbs up to Tajmar & Matos and thank them for their important contribution to field dynamics.

© 2006 David Barclay


At 4:14 AM, Blogger gravity control said...


Your link is now out of date but this still works

At 7:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i join you in salution of Dr. Tajmar and associates. I firmly believe this discovery by Dr. Tajmar is overwhelmingly a positive step in the right direction. I am following the citations of this work with much intense interest...this could be the precursor to a grand unification theory..with to back it up..some say that gravity probe b..would or will bollester the findings of Dr. Tajmar..however..if i am understanding this correctly..gravity probe B's gyroscopes..according to Dr. Tajmar would generate there own gravitomagnetic field..thus negating possible purturbances resulting from the Earths gravity field...i may be wrong here but ..was curious to what you thought about it..


At 12:00 AM, Blogger David Barclay said...


The important point to be made here is that gravity is a condition of field. In other words gravity is a dynamic response to an accelerating underlying field of frequency.

Gravity does not reach out or attract anything, as it is the underlying field of frequency which is accelerating, but is not itself in linear motion. The acceleration of field is non-linear in respect to a unified field of frequency remaining relative to the system of reference, whether the system of reference is the earth or Probe B.

Gravitational acceleration follows the path of least resistance always. And as the underlying field of the earth is accelerating to the center of the earth's core gravity accelerates toward the surface of the earth.

Where this all gets a little confusing is in respect to the internal and external dynamics of any system such as the earth, as the internal and external dynamics affect inverse responses in terms of gravity and electromagnetism.

This is the key component which is presently missing in respect to theoretical concepts, as it is not presently accepted that the internal and external dynamics affect inverse responses.

The internal dynamics are always on the inside and any attempt to physically access the internal portion of field simply extends the external dynamics inward.

Makes things a bit difficult but not impossible to confirm.

It's possible that Probe B might not produce satisfactory results, but that has yet to be seen.

Certainly the probe remains within the earth's field, despite the fact that it does exist as an independent system unto itself, but it would have to remain in space for a long time to notice any real difference.

The Probe does have it's own gravity, but on such a small scale and at such a low level of frequency that it would have to reach deep space in order for anyone to notice a differential in gravity.

I suspect the Probes gravity will increase as it moves further from the earth, which would tend to slow it down.

It should be interesting.....

At 2:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The important point to be made here is that gravity is a condition of field. In other words gravity is a dynamic response to an accelerating underlying field of frequency."

Good use of words David.

Frequency or vibration makes it possible to control or to directly influence gravity localized.

Since the 'field' or 'zpe' is such a high frequency, gravity is below it, so moving towards the ZPE in frequency, will slide the influence of the lower vibration of gravity off a localized point of interest. Namely your ship :)

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