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Gravity Control Idealism attempts to understand the underlyiing dynamics of Universe, whereby it might be possible to control gravity and electromagnetism in a manner allowing for the needs of our planet.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Tree Power

A tree is an amazing piece of work, as a tree is designed to modulate its internal dynamics relative to the field in which it is situated.

In this respect the modulation of the internal dynamics affects both a gravitational response and an electromagnetic response in relation to the underlying force of energy associated with the tree’s physical structure.

It is commonly thought that the electrical charge which can be extracted from a tree results from an electrochemical reaction, despite the fact that during the winter months when the tree is relatively dormant and or inactive and the leaves are gone from its branches, the extractible voltage increases by 50%.

At the present time the underlying force is not considered or even acknowledged in this respect, nor is the inverse relationship of internal and external dynamics.  In fact it is not presently accepted or acknowledged that a distinct difference between internal and external dynamics even exists, as the internal dynamics are considered to be nothing more than an extension of the external dynamics.

If we could grasp the idea of an underlying force of energy affecting the inverse relationship of internal and external dynamics we might begin to realize just how much we have been missing.

If we took the basic design of a tree and applied the underlying force we could easily build a modular apparatus capable of providing us with electrical power without the consumption of a fuel.

A tree provides a differential in dynamic potential between the internal dynamics of the tree and the field in which the tree exists.  And as the field in which the tree exists is itself electrically charged there is a differential in charge between the internal structure of the tree and the external field. This provides a net differential in charge, which can be adapted to provide for useable electrical power.

This is aside from the fact that the tree also affects a differential in gravity allowing for the raising and lowering of fluids up and down the xylem.

Of course this defies accepted physics, but so do a lot of things which remain without a reasonable explanation.
Much is inferred and much more is assumed, but a tree does provide a proof of principle in relation to an underlying force determining the form and function of all physical structure.

Many people around the world have stuck a piece of copper pipe in the ground, driven a nail into a tree and applied a common electrical meter to detect a flow of electrical current.  But most of those people insist this must be an electrochemical effect, yet there is no evidence to demonstrate or support this idea anymore than there is to demonstrate the mechanics thought to allow for the lifting and lowering of fluid through the xylem.

The tree is an inverted version of Unity, but regardless of which way up the apparatus is positioned you still get a dynamic response in the form of both a gravitational and an electromagnetic response.

The simplicity of this system is overwhelming, no question about that, but such simplicity can also be considered to represent a lack of understanding in relation to the complexities of our modern science.

A tree focuses the underlying force of energy inherent to its form and function, in terms of a continuance of field structure associated with the form and function of a tree.

The idea of a continuance of field structure comes from asking why the physical structure of universe does not simply fold on itself, despite the fact that it does not.

Without an underlying force allowing for the continuance of field structure the physical structure of universe would fold on itself, but this problem can be easily ignored or simply dismissed due to the fact that physical structure does not fold on itself.  Yet there is no meaningful answer to the question without the inclusion of the underlying force.

So here we have a system capable of providing us with all the energy we could possibly use and desperately need, yet for the most part we refuse to acknowledge the possibility.

Such an attitude seems less than rational if we are not willing to even consider the possibility.  Especially in light of the fact that we still remain unsure what gravity or electricity actually are.  On top of this we do not know exactly what energy is either, which further compounds the problem.

It is time to put the biased views aside and consider the possibility of a new approach to long standing problems and misunderstandings, as the benefits far outweigh the option of continuing as we have.

We are destroying our environment without benefit or merit to anyone simply for the sake of maintaining the status quo.  Yet there are options which we have yet to address or even consider in an open minded and even handed manner.

What we can learn from a tree should allow us to develop a self sustaining system of energy production far beyond the limitations of our existing and or future needs.

© David Barclay 2006


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