Gravity Control Idealism

Gravity Control Idealism attempts to understand the underlyiing dynamics of Universe, whereby it might be possible to control gravity and electromagnetism in a manner allowing for the needs of our planet.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

One Single Force

Non-linear Time Field Frequency Acceleration, (ntffa), opens doors that have remained closed for far too long.

Every aspect of universe is governed by (ntffa), in that (ntffa) represents the single underlying force of energy determining the form and function of all physical structure.  There are no strong or weak forces, just one single force affecting the dynamic responses of universe.

Regardless of the situation, each and every situation or circumstance is governed by the dynamics of field as determined by (ntffa).

Variations in the underlying force of energy determines the properties of atomic structure, as the basic difference between the various elements is their underlying energy potential, in terms of a ratio of energy per unit of mass.

The orbits of the planets are determined on the basis of dynamic differentials in (ntffa) and not gravity, as gravity is simply a dynamic response to the condition of field remaining relative to the system of reference.

Similarly electromagnetism is also a dynamic response to the condition of field.

Both gravity and electromagnetism are dynamic responses to a differential in (ntffa) and the greater the differential the greater the dynamic response.

In terms of uniform and non-uniform relations, every system of universe maintains a non-uniform relationship with every other system of universe, while each system of universe exists as a uniform field of frequency unto itself.

Therefore the total energy potential of any system corresponds to a unified field of frequency, in that the total energy of any system is the total energy of universe remaining relative to that system of reference.

If we were to build an aerospace system, in the form of a modular field system, capable of modulating the underlying dynamic force of energy in a controlled manner, the power drive of the craft would be capable of utilizing the total underlying dynamic energy of universe remaining relative to the modular field system.

As any unified field system is based on the focus of (ntffa) to the center of field, the controlled modulation of a modular field system would be achieved by the manipulation of field focus.

It is commonly thought that any propellantless or field propulsion system will be constrained by the law; conservation of momentum, the center of mass-energy (CM) of any initially stationary isolated system cannot change its position unless acted upon by outside forces, but this is not so.

The controlled modulation of the underlying force of energy focuses the unified field of frequency acceleratively to the center of field, whereby the underlying energy of field does not radiate.  Therefore the force acting upon the craft or system remains internally isolated from the external portion of field.  No outside forces are required or necessary for the craft or system to change its position relative to other systems of universe.

What is important here is the non-linear underlying element of description as we are not talking about push or pull or even a resistant force, as (ntffa) is a non-resistant force in relation to an increase in (ntffa) affecting a decrease in resistance to a further increase in (ntffa).

Here at we are dedicated to the challenge of applying (ntffa) for the benefit of all people, in respect to the needs of their human industry.