Gravity Control Idealism

Gravity Control Idealism attempts to understand the underlyiing dynamics of Universe, whereby it might be possible to control gravity and electromagnetism in a manner allowing for the needs of our planet.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Reverse Engineering UFO Type Craft

It seems everyone knows about Area 51, but no one seems sure what they do there, so we hear a lot of stories about reverse engineering downed alien space craft.

If they have an alien space craft why do they need to reverse engineer it? Is it broken or is it that they can't read the operators manual? Seems a little odd to be reverse engineering something that works.

Then we hear that element 115 is saucer fuel, as reported by an ex-employee from Area 51. And if element 115 is in fact the alien fuel of choice I would not put too much faith in this alien technology. In fact I would not even consider such technology to be advanced, as element 115 is nasty stuff. Area 51, element 115?

Somehow I picture those in charge actually knowing what they are doing, but maybe that idea is far too rational and or idealistic.

I suspect that the principles upon which such a craft is based represent quite a hurdle, as getting from there to here in a reasonable length of time and in one piece would suggest that advanced physics would be involved.

For example; if alien craft employ instantaneous transformation, this would explain why they are never noticed coming or going from our air space, as they simply enter or exit through our own air space and do not actually travel the spatial dimensions of space as our conventional aerospace systems do.

It would appear that they have the ability to modulate an underlying force affecting the condition of field, whereby the modulation of the field itself allows them instantaneous access to anywhere they wish to travel.

And as far as gravity goes, they would have a solid grasp of that subject too, in respect to gravity being a dynamic response corresponding to the condition of field. So by controlling the underlying force affecting the condition of field they would also control gravity.

Consider for the moment that instantaneous transformation does not involve having to transit the spatial dimensions of space, whereby the spatial dimensions are simply avoided or by passed. In other words they detour the spatial dimensions by modulating the condition of field, which sounds pretty wild doesn't it?

So, you don't have to beam yourself from Point A to Point B or arrive without any clothes. You simply modulate the space and motion existing relative to Point A to the condition of Point B and you are there, which is amazingly simple.

The idea of finding a method by which to travel faster than the speed of light is completely unnecessary, as you cannot go any faster than instantaneous travel.

But what is so amazing about this is that you don't actually travel anywhere in terms of conventional travel.

Right now we are planning a manned mission to Mars, which we expect will involve a very long voyage. A little like planning to sail around the world in a rubber raft.

It would appear that a more practical method of space travel is beyond our comprehension, despite the fact that we continue to spend billions of dollars on secret research and development programs at Area 51. So there is something wrong with this picture, as it seems insane that we would be attempting to reverse engineer UFO type craft and at the same time planning for a manned mission to Mars on the back of a conventional rocket. The idea seems absurd, but maybe I'm trying to be too rational.

The big question in many peoples minds seems to be the propulsion involved, which may explain why the reverse engineering of UFO type craft seems to take so long. It would appear that we are stuck on this idea of propulsion, when in fact there may not be a system of propulsion involved, at least not in respect to our existing perception of propulsion.

We expect something to be consumed as fuel, whereby a force of push or pull causes the craft to move. But what if there is no fuel and there is no force of push or pull? In this case it would appear that we are completely lost.

Must be nuclear they say, like element 115. Not a chance in hell would it be nuclear. And if that's what they think, they don't know much.

The drive system for a UFO type craft is not going to consume fuel of any kind, as the whole idea is to modulate the field of the craft, where the field of the craft itself is different than the field in which the craft is seen to operate.

In other words, the craft exists as a unified field system where all other systems exist relative to the craft, so if we have a UFO type craft operating in our air space the craft exists as a field within the field of our planet Earth. So we have a field within a field.

The conditions remaining relative to the craft are not identical to the conditions remaining relative to our planet Earth, which is why we find it very difficult if not impossible to catch a UFO or shoot one down. So there is a dynamic differential in the underlying force of energy affecting the condition of a UFO type craft and a conventional jet aircraft, which means the UFO type craft is the superior rig.

If you examine Project Unity by clicking "antigravity" on the front page of you will see that the drive system is a magnetic configuration. The craft does not spin, nor do its internal parts spin, as there is no spinning involved. It is a simple process of focus, much like the focusing of a optical lens. Yes, it's just that simple.

No turning of wheels, not jet thrusters, no push and no pull, just the simple modulation of field dynamics, in terms of a unified field system.

Perhaps back engineering has more to do with navigation, as it might appear baffling that you could steer an aerospace system without turning or banking.

Navigating by field focus is perhaps a great deal easier than one might suspect, as the craft will move in the direction of focus. And should the direction of focus be reversed the craft moves in the opposite direction without having slowed or turned, which a conventional craft could not do, nor would the pilot survive, at least not at 15,000 MPH.

If the field of a UFO type craft is in fact a unified field system, the craft's center of gravity is at the center of the craft. Therefore there is no force of gravity to overcome during such a manouver. A pilot could reverse his direction of travel at full speed and not even spill his coffee.

At the present time we talk about hyperdimensional velocities when in fact there is no such thing. No physical mass can achieve light speed, yet it is possible to travel much faster than light, but not as a physical mass existing within the field of the Earth.

Once we get used to the idea of an underlying force affecting the condition of field we can see that the modulation of field dynamics is something quite apart from our linear perception of push and pull.

If we modulate the field of our craft to the relative upper possible limit we are already moving faster than light, as we have left the relative confines of the present moment and are now experiencing instantaneous transformation to our next destination. There is no mass resistance involved if you can imagine such a thing, as it is mass resistance which keeps the universe relative to our planet.

By modulating the field of the craft you have altered the dynamics of universe remaining relative to the craft. So it would be possible to travel what we now consider billions of light years in the blink of an eye.

It sounds quite impossible until you take the time to consider the situation in terms of an underlying dynamic force, which is something we have failed to address so far. Even Tesla spoke of the underlying dynamics and the inherent possibilities which had yet to be considered.

If we are confined by the process of back engineering we need to take a few steps back and consider the possibility that we may have missed the most important aspect of the exercise. We may have attempted to confine the function of the craft to our existing perceptions without allowing for the possibility that such a craft might function beyond the limits of those perceptions. And if this is the case we desperately need to reconsider our thinking, as the function of the craft is certainly not going to change.

So the reverse engineering of a UFO type craft is limited to the talents of those involved in the process. And if they are restrained by their own limitations no amount of increased funding is going to solve the problem, because the problem is not a scientific or technical aerospace problem, it's a psychological problem.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Thanks to Jerry Decker and Robert Koontz

Thanks to Jerry Decker and Robert Koontz for supplying information on the Clem Motor.

Jerry Decker of Keely Net deserves three cheers for his continuous effort in providing a valuable source of information to all interested parties.

At the above link to keelynet you will find further information on the Clem Motor including some very fine drawings.

Clem Motor Explained

The Clem Motor Explained

To understand the Clem Motor one must be familiar with the principles of theory associated with the underlying dynamics of field, in that the underlying force, known as Non-linear Time Field Frequency Acceleration, (ntffa), determines the form and function of all physical structure.

For work to be done requires a dynamic differential in the underlying energy.

To understand the underlying dynamics we can look at a simple waterwheel, where we can examine the relationship of energy and resistance.

A waterwheel is driven by the flow of water pushing against the paddles of the wheel, while the flow of the water corresponds to a gravitational response as determined by the underlying condition of field.

The flowing water is following the path of least resistance in respect to the direction of Non-linear Time Field Frequency Acceleration, (ntffa), affecting a gravitational response.  And as the water flows downhill it loses energy relative the field in which it is flowing.  In other words, as the water flows downhill the water itself loses energy in proportion to the increasing energy of the field focused to the center of the Earth.

It is important to understand that if the water itself possessed sufficient energy, relative to the field in which it is located, the water would not flow.

When the water encounters the paddles of the waterwheel, the water pushes against the paddles while the paddles resist the force of the water.

As the paddles are resistant to the flow of the water, the flowing water causes the paddles to move whereby the waterwheel is forced to turn.

But so is the flow of the water resistant to the paddles, which results in the paddles slowing the flow of the water.  And as the water slows it gains energy in relation to the underlying energy of the water, as it is an increase in energy which causes the flow of the water to slow relative to the resistance of the paddles.

In turn the paddles cause the waterwheel to turn and the faster the waterwheel turns the greater is the wheels loss of energy.

If the waterwheel was not turning it would not experience a loss of energy.
It is a dynamic differential in energy which causes the waterwheel to turn, where the wheel is losing energy and the water is gaining energy relative to the field in which the waterwheel exists.

If for some reason there is insufficient water or the flow of water is diverted away from the waterwheel the wheel will stop turning as there is insufficient power or resistance to affect the motion of the wheel.

Now we come to the Clem Motor where a fluid is employed to drive the spiral grooved cone.

The rotation of the cone causes the cone to lose energy as the cone is resistant to the flow of the fluid, but so is the fluid resistant to the rotation of the cone.  This causes both the fluid and the cone to lose energy relative to the field in which the motor is located, which affects a proportional degree of resistance relative to the accelerating field in which the motor is located.

The fluid flowing through the spiral groove in the cone does not slow down as the groove becomes shallower as the radius of the cone increases.

The decrease in the channel or groove depth is proportional to an increase in the cone diameter, and as the diameter doubles so does the circumference of the cone.  This means the fluid has to travel twice as far in the same time to maintain a constant slip velocity.  So by reducing the channel or groove depth in half the fluid velocity is doubled thereby keeping the slip constant.

The spiral channels or grooves could be thought of as very long convergent nozzles.  The increase in fluid velocity is in the opposite direction of the rotor or cone spin.  We should expect a reaction force from the acceleration of the fluid.  This thrust would be directed tangent to the circumference and would increase the spin torque on the rotor or cone.  So even without the peripheral nozzles the rotor or cone experiences a thrust force in a direction that would self-propel it.

It should be noted that as the velocity increases in the channels or grooves the pressure also increases.  But Bernoulli’s Law requires the pressure to drop proportionally as the velocity increases, but this does not happen.

As the fluid is discharged at the bottom of the cone it goes directly to a heat exchanger which reduces the temperature of the fluid, which in turn increases the underlying energy of the fluid.  So when the fluid re-enters the top of the cone the fluid is in a re-energized state.

Therefore there is a continuous dynamic differential in energy existing between the rotation of the cone and the flow of the fluid which is maintained by the continuous cooling of the fluid by the heat exchanger.

At 200 pounds in weight the Clem Motor runs at 300 degrees F, the cone rotates at between 2600 and 2800 rpm and produces 350HP on a continuous basis.

If the flow of fluid is stopped the motor stops, but as long as the fluid flows the motor keeps running.

Once the motor reaches its optimum running temperature the motor becomes a self driving system, as no fuel is consumed in the process of its operation.

A twelve volt battery is employed during the start-up, which is recharged as the motor operates.  So the battery can be employed to run electronic gauges and lights as required.

Friday, November 04, 2005

The Aether

The Aether

I recently read, “By now it should be obvious that the larger the mass the more aether flows into the atomic structure of the mass.”

This statement sounds fairly straight forward, but it is anything but straight forward.  It throws a real curve ball into the works, as it could be read to mean that the larger mass receives more energy from the aether.

In part this is true, but in part it is false, as it depends on the circumstances of the situation involved, which are not specified.  It is simply stated to represent a general rule, which is far from an accurate statement.

The Earth has a greater mass, in terms of a general perception of mass, than the moon, but there is more aether flowing into the moon than the Earth.  On the other hand the Sun has a greater mass than the Earth whereby there is more aether flowing into the Sun than the Earth.

Each atomic structure has its own field, which means that each atomic structure has its own aether flow focused to the center of field.

As a high mass atomic structure is more resistant to the field in which it exists than a low mass atomic structure the high mass atomic structures receive less energy per unit of mass than the low mass atomic structures.

In other words a hydrogen atom has more energy than an oxygen atom, because the field of the hydrogen atom is less resistant to the aether flow.

But, in a more general sense a greater mass of hydrogen, involving many hydrogen atoms, has a greater flow of aether into its structure than a smaller mass of hydrogen.

Still, a deuterium atom has less energy than a protium atom and a tritium atom has less energy than a deuterium atom, in relation to a ratio of energy to mass.

So, the idea that a larger mass corresponds to a large energy potential is not completely correct or completely true.  The idea is misleading and gives one a very distorted view of energy in relation to a proportional potential of energy corresponding to a proportional quantity of mass, as no such proportional relationship exists.

In that the mass is resistant to the flow of the aether or the mass is resistant to the field in which it exists, it would appear that the larger the mass the more resistance there would be to the flow of the aether.

In other words the larger or greater the mass, the less aether flows into the structure of the mass, because the increased resistance slows the aether flow.

The aether is a field of frequency which is continuously accelerating; therefore it is the rate of acceleration which determines the flow of the aether, consequently, the greater the resistance the slower the rate of acceleration affecting the atomic structure of the mass.

This is where assumptions become problematic, as it is assumed on the basis of energy being proportional to mass that an increase in mass would always indicate an increase in energy.

If we examine the equation E=MC2 we will see that this equation only holds true under certain conditions, such as where the ratio of energy to mass is the same for all elements.  In other words, according to this equation the ratio of energy to mass is the same for every element, when in fact such a thing is a relative impossibility.

This is an important point, which must be considered, as the idea of each and every element having an equal ratio of energy to mass distorts our perception of energy and allows us to reflect on a false assessment.

The ratio of energy to mass must be different for each and every element, otherwise there would be no dynamic difference existing between the elements, as the only difference would be a question of mass.

If each and every element is resistant to the aether or the field in which they collectively exist, then the ratio of resistance to mass would be the same for all of the elements, as it is the mass which is resistant to the aether, whereby any mass must respond to the field in which it exists in a proportional manner regardless of its mass.  This is demonstrated by two unequal masses falling at the same rate of acceleration.

It must be realized that energy and resistance are two completely different things, which work in opposition to each other.

Energy is a non-resistant force, in that an increase in energy affects a decrease in resistance to a further increase in energy, whereas mass is resistant in that an increase in mass affects an increase in resistance to a further increase in energy.

Likewise a decrease in energy affects an increase in resistance to a further increase in energy and an increase in mass.

The aether is the field itself in which any mass exists, and as such the underlying force of energy determines the condition of the aether or the field.

As the energy involves the dynamic potential of the aether, in relation to an accelerating field of frequency, a decrease in the acceleration of the field affects an increase in resistance to a further increase in energy.

And as the energy of any element is focused to the center of the atomic structure, the element with the smallest mass must have the highest potential of energy, in relation to a ratio of energy to mass.

It should be apparent that this explanation represents a direct contradiction to that which the equation E=MC2 is attempting to convey.  In other words, the equation E=MC2 is not a valid statement.  The energy represented by E is not energy at all, as energy has been confused with resistance.

This in itself would indicate that it would be exceedingly difficult to discover a method of extracting energy from the aether without knowing exactly what energy is.

Energy is a non-resistant underlying force in the form of non-linear time field frequency acceleration determining the form and function of physical structure.

The aether is the medium of non-linear time field frequency acceleration, in that both the aether and the field of frequency are one and the same.  The aether is not something separate from the field, as the aether is the field just as the field is the aether.

In this respect it would be impossible to extract energy from the aether, as the aether is not itself something separate from energy, as the energy and the aether or the field is one and the same thing.  You could not have energy without the aether or field, so in order to employ the energy of the aether the energy must be employed as a field function.

And in order to employ the energy of the aether as a field function requires a method by which to modulate the aether itself or to modulate the field itself, as the field and the aether refer to the same thing.

So whether we call it the aether or we call it the field, it is the field which we want to modulate in order to access the underlying energy of the field.

Every atom has a field, every planet has a field, every moon has a field and every star has a field etc. and the underlying energy of each field is different.

In other words, the ratio of energy to mass is different for every system.  And to be sure we understand what this means, we must realize that the ratio of energy to mass means that energy and mass are not the same thing at all.

Now, we’ll take this one step further, if we have a gram of gold, the average energy potential of each atom constituting the gram of gold can be said to be of a certain value.  But if we separate the individual atoms constituting the gram of gold the total energy potential of all the atoms will be greater than when they were combined as a one gram bar.

If we had two one gram bars of gold and combined them into one single bar weighing two grams, the two gram bar would have less energy than two one gram bars.

This is what is meant by a ratio of energy to mass, as an increase or decrease in mass changes the ratio of energy to mass.  

I am hopeful that this explanation will make it a little easier to understand how to go about accessing an alternate energy source, as well as achieving gravity control.

© 2005 David Barclay