Gravity Control Idealism

Gravity Control Idealism attempts to understand the underlyiing dynamics of Universe, whereby it might be possible to control gravity and electromagnetism in a manner allowing for the needs of our planet.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Field Acceleration

Field acceleration, non-linear time field frequency acceleration, is essential to the function of any process, as without some degree of non-linear acceleration the field structure would collapse.

Simply put, nothing happens unless there is an element of acceleration present, as it is the rate of acceleration which drives field dynamics, in relation to those dynamic responses allowing for the form and function of universe remaining relative to the system of reference.

In this light a low rate of non-linear time field frequency affects a relative increase in both gravity and electromagnetism, as both gravity and electromagnetism are simply dynamic responses to the condition of field remaining relative to the system of reference.

A high rate of non-linear time field frequency affects a relative decrease in both gravity and electromagnetism for the same reason.

As non-linear time field frequency acceleration can be modulated in a controlled manner it is possible to regulate the rate of acceleration affecting the form and function of physical structure, whereby a decrease in non-linear time field frequency acceleration can be considered to have a negative effect.  In contrast to this an increase in non-linear time field frequency acceleration can be considered to have a positive effect, as long as the modulation produces a uniform field effect.

Without the factor of uniformity being considered a non-uniform fluctuation in non-linear time field frequency acceleration, whether high or low, will cause distortions to affect the uniform continuance of field, which has been shown to produce genetic deformities and cancerous anomalies in both plants and animals.

Therefore the application of indiscriminate electromagnetic radiation must be considered to represent a serious threat to health and safety, as extremely high and low levels of EM pollution can be consider to represent non-uniform potentials.

EM pollution is a product of resistance, in relation to relative differentials in non-linear time field frequency acceleration affecting a factor of resistance.  And the greater the differential the greater is the degree of resistance affecting the uniform continuance of non-linear time field frequency acceleration.

Of course there is much debate over this issue, but if public health and safety were the prime considerations involved in the regulation of EM pollution the debate would be over and many corporations would be looking for more environmentally friendly means by which to generate income.

For example; high voltage transmission lines and cell towers would not be permitted to be located anywhere close to human habitation or agricultural land reserves.

I have previously covered the factor of non-uniformity existing between all relative unified field systems of universe and the ill effects resulting from direct exposure to non-uniform potentials, such as the environment of an extraterrestrial planetary body, but to date such considerations are firmly denied.

In order to counter this irresponsible stance there must be some effort made to study and document the basic dynamics of field, in relation to the further consideration being given to the non-linear parameters governing the form and function of physical structure.  And to this end it would be beneficial to construct a modular field system similar to that of Project Unity described on

Only through further research and development can Project Unity provide the understanding and insight so necessary, not only for our survival, but for the exploration and colonization of space.


Monday, July 24, 2006

Atoms In Motion

The underlying energy of every system is focused to the center of field, as the dynamics of each and every system are determined on the basis of a unified field of frequency, which is continuously accelerating to the center of field in a relatively uniform manner.

In this context every system maintains a non-uniform relationship with every other system, whereby the dynamics of every system are affected by factors of field distortion associated with the non-uniformity existing between each and every system.  The factor of non-uniformity is determined on the basis of relative differentials in the underlying energy existing between each and every system.

The rate of field frequency acceleration is different for every system, in that the rate of field frequency acceleration is accelerating at different rates focused to the center of each field.

Every atom constituting the structure of the earth maintains a non-uniform relationship with every other atom constituting the structure of the earth, while being restricted to the uniform field of planet earth.

It is this arrangement which allows for the cyclical relationship of all systems, both big and small, as there is a limitation to the extremities of dynamic differentials in terms of balanced stability.

Therefore the underlying dynamics of those atoms constituting one system are not in sync with the underlying dynamics of those atoms constituting another system, such as the moon, sun or mars etc, as there is a differential in field dynamics existing between each and every system of universe.

Life forms on planet earth are subject to the field dynamics of planet earth, as all life forms on planet earth are subject to the relatively uniform acceleration of the earth’s field, in relation to a unified field of frequency.

This situation isolates all of those life forms existing on and or in planet earth from the field dynamics of every other system, as the affects of field distortion from other systems is limited to those non-uniform distortions associated with differentials in the underlying energy potentials involved, such as those differentials between the earth and the sun, the earth and the moon or the earth and mars etc.

As the dynamic differentials existing between systems increase so do the degrees of non-uniformity also increase, whereby the distortional effects of non-uniformity increase proportionately?

For life forms existing on one system to be transferred directly to another system, without protective isolation preventing ill effects, requires inter field access where a uniform balance in dynamic potential can be achieved.

This in itself requires the ability to modulate the underlying dynamics of one system to match those of another system in a controlled manner, which is no small achievement, whether the modulated system is of an artificial nature or not.

In relation to atomic structures constituting any system, it is the factor of non-uniformity existing between all atomic structures which allows for changes and alterations in the context of dynamic interactions.

Without this factor of non-uniformity nothing would change or alter over time, whereby the existence and or development of any and or all life forms would simply not be possible.

In relation to the transmutation of atomic elements existing within life forms, such transmutation is due to the various non-uniform relationships existing between those atomic structures involved, as each atomic structure is attempting to maintain a relative balance, in terms of those differentials in dynamic potential associated with atomic structures constituting organic molecules.

If the transmutation of atomic elements occurring naturally within life forms was not possible, the survival of many life forms would not be successful, as a continuous supply of the required elements in quantities delivered at the exact time required is essential for survival, but not always readily available by any means other than transmutation.

It is the factor of non-uniformity which allows transmutation to occur, as transmutation within the various life forms is due to distortional effects associated with non-uniformity existing between different atomic structures.

A similar situation exists between planets, moons and stars etc. as the differentials in dynamic potential, which refers to the underlying energy differentials existing between each system, are continuously increasing due to the fact that the acceleration of the underlying energy of each system, focused to the center of field, is accelerating at different rates.

Therefore it should be possible to understand why plants and animals subjected to the effects of lunar materials returned to earth would cause accelerated growth, genetic deformities and cancerous growths.

The lunar material is simply out of sync with the field of the earth, whereby the distortional effects of the lunar material become extremely extenuated to the point of causing dysfunctional abnormalities.

The same would be true for seeds transported from earth to the moon or mars and planted in lunar or Martian soil, as the development of the seeds would be extremely distorted by the factors of non-uniformity present.

Therefore non-uniformity has a very real purpose, which cannot be dispensed with.  Non-uniformity is essential to the various processes contributing to life in all its varied forms.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Missing Evidence

When the first lunar samples were returned to Earth a battery of tests were performed to determine if the material represented a threat to our terrestrial ecology.

As it turned out, the lunar material did not carry any extraterrestrial baggage in the form of bacteria and or virus, but some of the tests indicated that the lunar material produced some very peculiar effects.

In 71 I received a brochure from NASA in response to my interest in the moon rocks, as I had speculated that the lunar environment would produce accelerated growth in plants.

This brochure included text and photos of the tested plants, but is no longer listed in NASA's catalog.

The lunar material was pulverized to a fine powder and placed in solution with water.
This solution was then poured directly onto soil in which both corn and beans had been planted.

This resulted in accelerated growth, genetic deformities and cancerous growths.

At the time no one knew what to make of the situation as there was no explanation for these radical results.

It is important to note that the brochure specifically stated that the lunar material was not radioactive beyond normal background levels.

This same experiment was shown on public television during a special presentation authorized and or approved by NASA.

Now, years later there is no reference to this original testing or the radical effects that were so well documented. In fact NASA now clearly denies that any such radical effects occurred.

NASA Archives claim the lunar material affected accelerated growth in plants, but that no structural alterations or ill effects of any kind occurred.

Also, it has been noted that the Apollo astronauts inhaled lunar dust during their return trip to Earth, but suffered no ill effects other than a slight case of hay fever.

Something is wrong here, as the original test results indicated a lack of understanding concerning differences in the basic dynamics of those materials constituting the structure of individual planetary bodies.

Obviously this would indicate an element of danger, in relation to the health and safety of crew members, in attempting to establish a base on the moon or colonize another planetary body.

The mere fact that the Apollo astronauts suffered no ill effects from the ingestion of the lunar material, by means of inhalation, while a variety of plant and animal species did, demands some explanation, as it makes no sense whatsoever.

It was only decades after the fact that I discovered that the original test results have been deleted and are now denied to have occurred.

As I am not the only person to have viewed these original test results, but one of the few people to have maintained a continuing and lasting interest in this issue, it would appear that we have a serious problem.

Certainly NASA represents the authority figure in this situation and many other tests have been conducted since, where no adverse effects have been reported.

The question is why would NASA not only deny the original test results having occurred, but remove all material relating to these original tests from public view? But this restriction is not limited to the general public, but includes present day scientists working within the space program.

Such structural alterations and ill effects indicated that some new science and technology was required, yet the space program continued without even feeling a bump in the road and without further consideration to the structural alterations and ill effects demonstrated under strict laboratory controls.

Obviously this should have slowed or curtailed the general thrust of the space program, but no such slowing or curtailment occurred, as it was and has been business as usual.

Today there is talk of utilizing water which might or might not exist on the moon and or mars for the purpose of human consumption during future manned missions.

If the original test results are valid the use of lunar or martian water would put the mission crew members at risk, in relation to their health and safety.

The occurrence and deletion of these early tests creates many questions, which for the time being must remain unanswered. But it would not be possible for the astronauts of the Apollo missions to have inhaled the same material to which a variety of plants and animals were subjected without themselves suffering ill effects, if the lunar material caused accelerated growth, genetic deformities and cancerous growths in species of plants and animals.

Anyone with information pertaining to this matter is urged to send us an email or post a comment, thanks.