Gravity Control Idealism

Gravity Control Idealism attempts to understand the underlyiing dynamics of Universe, whereby it might be possible to control gravity and electromagnetism in a manner allowing for the needs of our planet.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Time Lines and Distortions

In order to understand what time lines are we need to revisit the Apollo missions, which began in 1969.

When the first lunar samples arrived at the Johnson Space Center they were placed in quarantine while tests were conducted to determine if the lunar samples represented a hazard to the Earth's ecology.

Both plant and animal species were subjected to and/or injected with a solution of water containing finely pulverized Moon rock. In one particular test both corn and bean seeds were watered with this Moon rock solution. The seeds germinated and the resulting plants grew at an accelerated rate--but they also developed genetic deformities and cancerous growths.

Initially I speculated that the lunar samples would affect accelerated growth in plants, but I had not considered the possibility of genetic deformities or cancerous growths developing. So this was a shocking revelation to say the least.

Today NASA denies the original test results and claims that none of the various plant and animal species subjected to or injected with the lunar solution suffered any ill effects whatsoever, but it does maintain that the lunar solution affected accelerated growth in plants.

However, these radical effects did occur and should have brought the space program to a grinding halt. We should have gone back to the drawing board in order to develop the science and technology necessary to access the environment of another planetary body safely and efficiently, but this did not happen. It was business as usual and still is.

Einstein once said that time is different for every system in motion and of course it is, but what exactly does this mean? Unfortunately, Einstein viewed the universe in terms of linear proportions, which in turn limited our view and our understanding of the universe as well as much of what he himself was attempting to convey.

Certainly we need linear proportions to build a house, but when it comes to the basic principles of the universe those same linear proportions get us into trouble with respect to our ambition to establish a manned base on the Moon or to colonize another planetary body.

The planets, moons and stars share a non-linear relationship which includes time lines, in that lunar time runs much faster than Earth time. So, the aspect of the Moon which presents itself to us is in fact lunar history or the lunar past existing in our Earth's present.

And in that time is different on the Moon the Moon is dynamically out of sync with our terrestrial environment. The underlying dynamics affecting the form and function of lunar material are significantly out of step with the underlying dynamics affecting the form and function of Earthly material.

It should be noted that there is an energy differential existing between the Earth and the Moon in relation to the underlying energy affecting the form and function of physical structure. In this respect lunar materials have a higher ratio of energy per unit of mass than our Earthly materials.

Consequently the Moon has a distortional effect on the Earth and lunar materials have a distortional effect on the dynamics of terrestrial flora and fauna.

We seem to have the idea that the only thing separating us from the Moon is a certain linear distance, much like the distance between one city and another, measured in miles or kilometers, but this is hardly the case.

So why do we ignore time lines and behave as if they do not exist?

To start with someone would have to explain why government agencies have been hiding critical information not only from the public but from NASA scientists and engineers--information critical to establishing a manned base on the Moon or colonizing another planetary body.

At the present time we are talking about a manned mission to Mars and considering the possibility of utilizing Martian water to sustain the mission crew. But if Mars is out of sync with our Earth so is Martian water out of sync with the biological chemistry of the mission crew. So the apparent or real purity of Martian water is not the problem or the issue: it is the underlying dynamics of the water which would ultimately affect the health and safety of the mission crew.

If it were know that a manned mission to Mars was presently beyond our reach and the establishment of a manned base on the Moon was not feasible or even reasonable at this time, I don't doubt that funding for the space program might be significantly curtailed. And without radical advances in science and technology NASA activities might eventually come to a grinding halt.

We require a whole new approach to the space program, starting with the basic scientific principles governing time and space, which means we must start from square one and move forward as advances allow.

Time-line differentials

Time lines are not just a wild idea but a real and present obstacle to manned missions beyond the boundaries of our own planet.

Time lines correspond to energy differentials, in relation to an underlying force of energy affecting the form and function of all physical structure. This is not an easy concept to grasp, but it is essential to our astronauts if they are to survive the environmental impact of direct contact with and/or exposure to another planetary body.

Many assume that we know what energy is but for the most part we are still unsure as to what it really is. We equate energy with a resistant force in that a factor of resistance limits the efficiency of any fuel-driven motorized system. And without an energetic force of resistance we consider it impossible to maintain the flow of energy required to sustain our human industry.

If we are wrong about this and energy is not a resistant force but a dynamic underlying non-resistant force which is continually increasing we might understand that the consumption of fuels in the form of gases, liquids and solids provides us with no actual energy.

Every element of our physical world is governed by time lines--differentials in the underlying energy sustaining and perpetuating all physical matter. Without these time line differentials nothing would happen and there would be no physical matter.

The form and function of physical structure is determined on the basis of a dynamic differential in the underlying energy of the universe, in terms of Non-linear Time Field Frequency Acceleration (NTFFA). In this respect NTFFA accelerates and decelerates in opposite directions simultaneously, which in effect allows time lines to exist.

We have managed to convince ourselves that the universe is linearly structured, whereby we might actually measure the proportions of the universe with a meter-rule without ever considering the dynamic nature or the simultaneous relationship of time and space.

Are radio response delays between ground control and space due to the linear distance involved or are they due to a difference in time itself? The answer to this question is extremely important if we are going to understand the true nature of time and space, as there is nothing static about the condition or the properties of the universe.

Each and every interaction between two or more systems involves time-line differentials in relation to a differential in the underlying energy of each system acting upon the dynamics of every other system. Such interactions can be viewed in terms of distortions, as the field of each system has a distortional effect on every other system; the greater the underlying energy of any specific system the greater the distortional effect it exerts upon all other systems.

Every system of the universe corresponds to a condition of the universe remaining relative to it, as the system of reference determines the relationship of all systems remaining relative to it, but the relationship is not limited to the condition of the universe remaining relative to a single system of reference.

There is a unique and different condition of the universe associated with each and every system due to differentials in the time lines involved. And all conditions of the universe associated with the different systems exist simultaneously, but these different systems also exist in terms of either past or future conditions remaining relative to the system of reference.

What we have to understand is that the universe is not linearly structured or linearly driven. We cannot apply static terms of reference to a dynamic system, as such terms do not apply to the dynamic nature of the universe. Both time and space are continuously changing due to the dynamic nature of the underlying force sustaining and perpetuating the universe.

Time lines confine us to a specific condition of the universe, in relation to the unified field state of our planet Earth. This unified field state does not correspond to that of any other system, as each and every system corresponds to a non-absolute state and/or condition of the universe.

How this is applicable to our existing situation is quite simple; we must adjust our perception to fit the true nature of the universe rather than hope that the universe will somehow correspond to our preconceived concepts.

Instantaneous communication

If we wish to establish a manned base on the Moon, we must formulate a method by which to access uniformly the time lines involved, whereby we might establish an avenue of access compatible to the existence of the mission crew.

This means that the successful establishment of a manned base on the Moon would not be accessible or even visible to those who remained behind on Earth, as there would be a well-defined time line differential and/or gap existing between the lunar base and ground control on Earth.

Therefore, new methods of communication must be developed--methods which allow for instantaneous communication across time lines. This in itself would allow for instantaneous communication to any point in time and space corresponding to past and/or future conditions of the universe.

Some refer to this as "gravitic communications". Gravity itself is instantaneous. There is no speed to gravity, which is why it is impossible to detect gravitons and/or gravity waves. Gravity is simply a condition of field as determined by the underlying force of energy sustaining and perpetuating the dynamics of any unified field system.

In order to understand the instantaneous nature of the universe and better understand time lines we might reconsider the idea we have about light speed--that the linear motion of light can be measured using a one-meter rule and a clock. In this respect it has been determined that the speed of light corresponds to the time it takes light to travel a distance of one meter, said to be exactly 1/299,792,458ths of a second.

We wrongly assume that each of the 299,792,458 portions of a second are of exactly the same linear duration, which means we are using static terms and assuming each portion of a second to be of an absolute value.

On the basis of this assessment, we wrongly define "c" as a universal constant, which in itself defines our perception of the universe. This allows us to measure the properties of the universe in terms of light-years despite the fact that there are no light-years or even any linear years to count. So, we make reference to millions and billions of years in relation to the age of our planet Earth and to millions and billions of light-years in relation to the size and age of the universe without considering the simultaneous nature of universe.

Time lines do not correspond to linear durations of time, but correspond to simultaneous differentials in non-linear time field frequency acceleration (NTFFA). The past and future do not exist in terms of linear durations but do exist in terms of a simultaneous condition of the universe, whereby time lines take on a purposeful meaning. Therefore the concept of instantaneous transformation is not only a possibility but a fundamental aspect of the universe.

Time perception

It is important that we reconsider our existing perception of time, as our reference to something having occurred 10 or 20 years ago sets up a mental frame of reference whereby we think in terms of linear durations without realizing that there are no actual linear years to count.

This should be evident when we make reference to the age of the universe corresponding to billions of years and consider the possibility that we could take photographs of past conditions through the lens of a telescope. We think we can see into the past by looking away from the Earth, simply by equating distance with time.

Unfortunately time does not correspond to a linear duration or a linear distance. Time itself is the primary cause affecting the condition of universe. In this respect time determines the simultaneous nature of the universe in terms of cause and effect.

If time is different for every system in motion it should appear evident that all systems must exist simultaneously in order that they might exist together within the bounds of a single unified field system. And as each system itself exists as a unified field system all conditions of the universe must exist simultaneously in order that they might exist at all.

Therefore our perception of the universe should correspond to a simultaneous condition of the universe, in that time accelerates symmetrically to the center of the field and simultaneously decelerates isometrically in an inversely proportional manner. This alone allows for the existence of space in relation to the condition of the universe remaining relative to the system of reference.

In this respect each system is separated by a time line differential and not by linear distance. Our attempt to apply linear proportions to the dimensions of space results in a flawed perception and/or concept of time and space. Although it may not appear obvious to everyone this is the one thing stopping us from moving forward. We appear to be stuck in the linear mode.

Mass and energy

We tend to equate energy with mass without considering that the ratio of energy per unit of mass is not the same for all materials. We merely assume that more mass corresponds to more energy. In a very general sense this is true, but it is far from an accurate assessment concerning the ratio of energy per unit of mass.

In relation to the underlying force of energy, referred to as NTFFA, the smaller mass of a similar material has the higher ratio of energy per unit of mass. In terms of a single atom structure hydrogen has the highest ratio of energy per unit of mass of any known element. This suggests that hydrogen should be viewed as the most energetic material of universe.

It is due to the high ratio of energy per unit of mass that hydrogen represents roughly 75% of the universe's physical matter. The hydrogen time line runs much faster than that of any other element, whereby hydrogen is simply a very fast element. And because the universe is simultaneous in nature and hydrogen is highly accelerated there is a higher proportion of hydrogen than of any other element. Hydrogen is simply the least resistant element of the universe.

Sun-Earth distortions

If we consider the time line of the Sun in relation to the time line of our Earth we will find that the Sun, the center of the solar field, has an extremely high ratio of energy per unit of mass focused to its core.

The time line differential between the Earth and the Sun is immense and continuously increasing. This in itself provides the space existing between the Earth and the Sun.

As the time line differential increases so does the Earth's resistance to the solar field. The Sun is becoming less resistant to a further increase in energy much faster than the Earth is becoming less resistant to a further increase in energy.

A relative increase in resistance to the solar field will increase the Earth's mean temperature in relation to the Sun remaining remaining relative to the Earth.

If we consider that there is a simultaneous condition of the universe remaining relative to the Sun we might realize that we are subject to a historical aspect of the solar mass in relation to the simultaneous condition of the universe remaining relative to the Earth.

From this we might get a better sense of a time line differential and what it might mean to our future existence, as at the present time we seem ill-prepared for the consequences of the inevitable solar storm.

We must realize that we have been and are affecting our relationship with the Sun by creating distortional effects, which distort the uniformity of the Earth's field and in turn affect the Earth/Sun time line differential.

There is nothing more radical we can do to distort the Earth's field than to detonate a nuclear device, as a nuclear detonation does not release any actual energy in terms of NTFFA, but reduces the energy of the field through a process of distortion.

So not only are time lines important, but the stability of time lines is equally important, realizing of course that all time line differentials share a non-uniform relationship. And although all time line differentials are dynamic it is important that these dynamic differentials remain stable, which means the changes must be smooth and not involve erratic jumps and jiggles.

We do not seem to understand that these distortional effects not only affect the structural dynamics of the Earth, but also affect the underlying dynamics of the solar mass and the solar field. Why this is so misunderstood is due to the time line differential factor, as time line differentials hide these effects.

If we are affecting a future condition of the Sun we will not know exactly what the reaction is going to be until we get there. Consequently it is very easy to dismiss the idea at the present time, but once we do get there we can still dismiss the idea simply because there is no direct linear link between the cause and the effect.

Non-linear terms of reference

Time lines and time line differentials require that we view the universe and our relationship with the universe by employing non-linear terms of reference such as NTFFA, as NTFFA represents the available underlying energy affecting the form and function of all physical structure.

Therefore each and every system of the universe has a different NTFFA value, which includes everything from the micro components of atomic structure to galactic systems. The NTFFA value corresponds to the underlying energy of a unified field system.

Time lines are a basic component of physical structure in relation to the non-linear relationship existing between all systems with respect to the condition of the universe remaining relative to the system of reference. Change the system of reference and you change the condition of universe, as each system corresponds to a different condition of the universe in terms of its relative relationship with the universe.

Therefore we have what we refer to as a "multiverse" where the various conditions of the universe correspond to a seemingly infinite number of systems existing simultaneously in terms of past, present and future.

The strange thing about this is that it is impossible to distinguish past from future as there is no absolute present moment by which to make such a distinction possible. The universe exists on the basis of a truly dynamic process.

Time itself involves a continuance of field in the form of an accelerating underlying force of energy where both past and future exist simultaneously in relation to the non-absolute nature of the present moment.

This gives us something a great deal less materialistic than our existing perception allows for. The physical structure of the universe is determined on the basis of non-liner time line differentials in the form of unified field systems.

We have made every effort to avoid the inevitable consequences of a dynamic system by wrongly asserting the apparent stability of our solar system remaining unaltered for millions and/or billions of years. We have failed to consider the cyclical nature of the solar field.

Whether it is out of fear or simply due to an indifference to the consequences of denial we have chosen erroneously to reject time line differentials and the basic dynamics of the universe. And without considering our denial to represent a strategic failure we must also deny the possibility of our human survival.

If the quantum relationship of energy and mass is defined on the basis of time line differentials it would seem absurd if not insane to ignore the possibility of there being more than enough to sustain our human needs not only in terms of our energy requirements but in terms of unlimited abundance as well.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Field


Lynne McTaggart wrote a great book entitled "The Field", which has since been followed by several more, but there is still something missing.  It would seem that the basic science associated with the field has not been considered.

Certainly experiments have been conducted demonstrating the effects of thought on the health of plants and animals, but this in itself is not something new.  It has been shown that the intention of thought can influence the structure of ice crystals and affect responses in plants.

Recently, as well as historically, scientists have noted distinct changes in the light emission of various materials resulting from the intention of thought, which is assumed to indicate fluctuations in energy.  And in such cases the light itself is considered to represent a source of energy. which although seemingly rational hides the real issues involved and effectively prevents further progress leading to a clear understanding of the field.

If we are to understand the field we must consider the actual dynamics affecting the condition of field, plus the relative nature of field and the underlying force of energy responsible for sustaining and perpetuating the condition of field.  We have to do better than simply rationalize the obvious effects in terms of what is commonly accepted by the scientific establishment.

In this respect we must embrace the simultaneous nature of universe without which ESP and or thought transference would not be possible.  If the condition of universe did not exist as a simultaneous unified field of frequency such things would not be possible, as they would not occur.

Thought is instantaneously transmitted and received regardless of the distance involved, as distance in terms of the space involved is merely a condition of field, just as gravity and electromagnetism are determined by the condition of field, in terms of dynamic responses. Therefore space is a dynamic response to the condition of field.

In relation to a simultaneous unified field system the supporting and or underlying force of energy is non-linear time field frequency acceleration, whereby space is simply the result of a relative differential in non-linear time field frequency acceleration.

Thought bypasses the linear concept of space, time and motion. Because thought is not linear in nature there are no linear restraints in terms of space, time and motion.

Physical matter on the other hand is restricted by the restraints of space, time and motion, in respect to the speed of light being the upper speed limit of universe.

Yet the field itself is a non-linear system which is simultaneously unified in that all aspects of universe are simultaneously linked to each other in order to form a unified field of frequency remaining relative to the system of reference.  And in that physical matter exists in terms of a continuance of field it is possible to influence the structural dynamics of physical matter through the medium of thoughtful intention in either a negative or positive manner.

In effect we create the reality of our world through the medium of our thoughtful intentions.  The collective mind of humanity has the power to determine the outcome of any event whether we are consciously or unconsciously aware of our intent.  There is no such thing as a random event, as all events are the effect of a cause.

The dynamics of field associated with a unified field system are inversely proportional  in relation to an internal/external relationship, in that for every cause there is an equal  and opposite reaction whereby the resistant response (reaction) of any mass must remain proportionally (equal) opposite to the underlying energy focused to the center of field in terms of a positive/negative relationship.

And the condition of field, as determined by the underlying force of energy is the condition of universe remaining relative to the system of reference.

The condition of universe involves a dynamic differential in the underlying force of energy, in terms of the non-absolute upper and lower limits of field frequency.

From this we should realize that instantaneous communication exists between all systems of universe, as the underlying force of energy provides a  simultaneous connection  to all points associated with the space, time and motion of universe.

Furthermore we have direct connection to both past and future, as both past and future exist in a simultaneous state while remaining relative to the present moment.  And in this respect we are linked to  the continuance of field, whereby we are directly linked to all people, all things and all places existing at all times associated with the condition of field remaining relative to the system of reference.

So it should not surprise us that our intentions of thought influence the condition of physical structure, as it is our intention which produces such an effect.

I suggest reading the first 7 chapters of the book Unity which are located at

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Vanishing Bees

Bees are essential to the food chain, as they pollinate most of our food crops.  Without the bees there will be a significant drop in our agricultural harvest, which will result in shortages and rising prices.

This year many honey bee colonies have virtually vanished into thin air, as the hives are all but empty.  And to date no one is sure what has happened or why.

One scientist said this was an emergency, and it is.  In fact it is a clear and present danger to the security of the western world; it is a national security issue which is not being addressed.

Over the last several years many homing pigeons have vanished after release, they did not return home as they had so many times before.

Birds and bees navigate via the magnetic field of the earth and when that field is disturbed the birds and bees have no way to accurately navigate the rout home.

I consider the wireless transmission of very low frequency microwave communications to be a major part of the problem, as the resulting electromagnetic pollution distorts the dynamics of the field upon which the birds and bees are dependent for their navigation.

When we were restricted to ground line communications the electromagnetic effects were isolated to the confines of the telephone lines, but with wireless communications the electromagnetic effects are not isolated at all, they are everywhere.  There is simply no where you can go to avoid them other than tunneling underground.

We already know that VLF transmissions cause field distortions, which affect human memory and cause physical alterations to occur at a cellular level.

We have literally wrapped the planet in a web of microwave transmissions without considering the consequences and in some cases attempting to hide the consequences.

Now we have missing honey bee colonies in Europe, Canada and the USA on a scale that has never been seen before.

I spend a lot of time considering hard issues, such as the nuclear agenda and I’m okay with it, but this thing with the bees scares me.  This is more than serious, this is a full blown crisis, but without the appropriate responses.

Oh, isn’t that interesting.  Interesting, you might think it’s a bit more than interesting when you have nothing but potatoes to eat.

You see there is no way to pollinate all the crops by hand with a small paint brush, as it would take many millions of man hours to do what the bees have been doing every year without fail.

Without the bees to pollinate the crops they will be major food shortages and huge price increases.  So in effect many of us will simply not be able to afford adequate nourishment.  In some cases there will simply be no agricultural products to purchase, regardless of price.

So how important are these bees?  Once they are gone we will be on our way to oblivion too.

To think that the convenience of a wireless telephone or a wireless pc could be viewed as more important than our food supply indicates that we are an extremely dysfunctional bunch.

If it is not too late already we had better start yelling loud enough that our political leadership gets off its backside and starts responding to this crisis in an expedient manner.  Either that or accept the frightening possibility that we are in very serious trouble with no hope of recovery.  

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Crop Circle Dynamics

Crop Circles might not sound too exciting, in relation to new energy issues, but there is a hidden surprise in store for anyone who wants to follow my logic.

From the sampling and testing of crops and soils taken from crop circles in a variety of countries, including the United Kingdom, Canada, Holland and the United States of America, it has been suggested that crop circles could be the result of meteorite showers and or meteorite falls.

In the soil inside crop circles small spheres of pure magnetized iron have been discovered, which appear to have been molten during the formation of the circle, due to microwave heating.

Meteorites of varying sizes burn up in our atmosphere on a daily basis and shower our planet with tons of meteorite dust every year.

To understand what happens to a meteorite as it falls to earth requires doing a little reading and I suggest the first 7 chapters of the book Unity available at

There is an underlying force referred to as non-linear time field frequency acceleration, (ntffa), the underlying force of universe which sustains and perpetuates the dynamic form and function of all physical structure.

When a mass is in free fall, it accelerates toward the earth at a rate proportional to the underlying dynamic force focused to the center of the earth’s core.  As a consequence the energy of the field in which the mass is falling is increasing and as the mass falls its underlying energy decreases in proportion to the increase energy of the field in which it is falling.

But when you have a falling mass which is also burning up and disintegrating as it falls, the initial mass of the meteorite is decreasing whereby its underlying energy potential is increasing, in respect to an increase in the ratio of energy per unit of mass.

And this is where it gets interesting as instead of the falling masses underlying energy decreasing as it falls, it is actually increasing.

By the time the meteorite completely burns up each of the microscopic particles has a surplus energy potential relative to the field in which they have been falling.

And because most meteorites consist of iron, a relatively stable element, these microscopic particles of iron are forced to release some of thier excess energy in the form of plasma.  If they were not stable they would simply transform to another state, in the form of a lighter element.  And it may be that some elements contained in meteorites do transform to a lighter state.

It is the underlying resonance of the elements contained in the meteorite fall which is transposed into the various designs of the crop circles, which is a subject unto itself.

The formation of crop circles is a very complex process, but the end result is that the microscopic particles of iron form into larger masses of iron, which are still very tiny masses in the form of perfect spheres.  And as they are magnetic they can be seen sticking to each other.

The energy of the plasma is pure energy, which is described in many cases as being roughly the size of a soft ball.  And as the plasma energy is focused to the center of the plasma sphere there is a factor of radiant resistance, which is capable of affecting the crop in the manner described, which is to bend the stalks of the crop and boil off the moisture from within.

The effects of this plasma are dependent on the origin of the meteorite causing the effects.  Of course they all come from space, but while some originate from relatively high energy sources, some do originate from relatively low energy sources, of which there is an abundance of both.

Meteorites originating from high energy sources have what appear to be beneficial effects, such as an increase in the rate of crop growth and an increase in the size and weight of crop kernels.

Meteorites originating from low energy sources affect a decrease in the rate of crop growth and a decrease in the size and weight of crop kernels.  In fact, in some cases these low energy source meteorites inhibit plant growth completely even after the field has been plowed, fertilized and reseeded and this effect can last for a period of two years.

In either case it must be noted that the underlying energy of the meteorites represents a non-uniform potential, in relation to a non-uniform differential in dynamic potential existing between the meteorite and the earth.

The importance of all this is that we do not need to use either fission or fusion reactors to produce power, as the controlled modulation of the underlying force is capable of providing all the power we could possibly use without depleting this new source of energy in any way whatsoever.

In fact the supply is limitless, as the underlying force is continuously accelerating and focused to the center of field.

It is possible to develop a prototype devise by which to test both the credibility and the efficiency of this radical innovation.  And if successful we would have solved our energy problem once and for all.

© 2007 David Barclay    

Friday, January 05, 2007

Beyond the Horizon

Looking up at the night sky we can observe distant star systems, which are located at great distances from our planet earth.  And these distances are so great that they are calculated in terms of light years and astronomical units.

In relation to the most distant stars we are told that the light we can now see took billions of years to reach us.  This light is said to have traveled through space at the speed of light for billions of years in order that we might see it today.

At the present time the speed of light is based on the time it takes light to travel a distance of one meter in a vacuum, which is said to be exactly 1/299,792,458ths of a second.  This means that the speed of light is 299,792,458 meters per second.

Also, the speed of light is said to have remained constant for billions of years, whereby it might be possible to determine the distance involved.

Consequently astronomers take photographs of distant star systems and identify these photos as representing observations of conditions as they existed billions of years ago.  In other words it is possible to photograph events having occurred billions of years ago.

This would suggest that what we see is not what it appears to be at the present as it would have changed somewhat over the course of billions of years.  But we cannot see those changes, as they correspond to that which has occurred over the course of billions of years.

So if you get far enough away you can see the past in the present.  Sounds a little bit strange doesn’t it, because this suggests that space and time are equally proportional in relation to the constancy of light speed.

So time must be equally proportional regardless of distance and if that is true we are stuck with a linear universe, which must have been structured on the basis of static terms of reference.

In other words the universe is not dynamic, but exists in a static state or have we got a static dynamic universe?

Where is science going with this, as it is a contradiction to even consider the possibility of measuring billions of light years.  It is not even rational, never mind logical.

If the universe is acceleratively expanding the value of time and space must be changing, in terms of a dynamic state.  So how do you fit static terms into this picture?

And how does the speed of light remain constant over billions of years, but what is even more important; exactly what is a billion years?

Both the past and future exist simultaneously relative to the non-absolute present moment and in that time itself is dynamic it is either accelerating or decelerating relative to the system of reference.  So what are these billions of years that can be stretched out like bed sheets if the past and future exist simultaneously?

Someone is going to say this is space/time.  Right and the universe is linearly structured just like a brick school house?  I don’t think so.

So just how far off are we on our assessment of universe?

If the universe is not linearly structured and static terms cannot be applied to the condition of universe it would appear that the speed of light is not a linear consideration either.

It would appear that in a truly dynamic universe time must in fact slow with distance in relation to the isometric propagation of space from any system of reference, where space itself is a condition of field remaining relative to the system of reference.

Therefore we can see that if light traveled linearly through space, the light of these distant star systems would never reach us, nor would the light of our sun reach them.  So how is it that we can see distant star systems?

We observe what there is to be seen in the present moment, as the expansion of universe is a simultaneous response corresponding to the underlying force of energy focused to the center of our planet earth.  The process of sight does not respond to the linear motion of light, but to the dynamics of field in which the observer is situated.  And if those dynamics cause a simultaneous response to occur at a distance, the observation of distant star systems involves a dynamic response to the condition of field.

As both the past and future exist in a simultaneous state relative to the present, neither the past or the future correspond to a linear distance in space, but to a non-linear relationship between the present, past and future.

Therefore the photos of distant star systems do not have a historical reference, as the past is confined to the simultaneous condition of universe which is devoid of space and time corresponding to the present moment.

Time is not a linear consideration in terms of the structure and order of universe, as linear durations of time have a purely sociological base with no corresponding relationship to the actual age or size of universe.

Consequently it is impossible to know the age or size of universe in relation to static terms of reference, just as it is impossible to know whether we exist in the past or future of the earth’s existence, as there is no absolute present moment by which to make such a distinction possible.

But, in relation to all other systems, in terms of planets, moons and stars etc., remaining relative to our planet earth, the existing condition of each of these systems must represent either a future or past condition remaining relative to the present moment of the earth’s existence.

How much further off the tracks we could possibly get with our modern innovations of thought I do not know, but the existing perception of universe most commonly accepted to represent the situation does not come marginally close to the mark.